One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.

One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.

D'Man of MD
(Most of this bio was penned prior to 2006, and though somewhat dated is STILL applicable. Some was updated in 2014 to reflect changes in my health and lifestyle.)

==== NO, it really ISN'T ok with me if you voted for Bush ====

I run the community mumsfs. This may be explained later.

Politically I am Pro-Choice and Pro-Gay-Marriage, if you are as well and think you are also a Republican you might want to re-think something. Click here to see how anti-choice your state is and which party is pushing the anti-choice legislation. Then join NARAL's mailing list as I have done to be a part of the solution as well.

If you are still not sure if Abortion should remain legal, read this or this The Case For the Morality of Legal Abortion

For a closer look at how the 2004 Presidential election may have been rigged, and to learn more about the election reform movement, please read this link

If there is any chance we can have fair elections it won't help if YOU are not registered to vote. Regardless of where you live the following link will assist you to get registered to vote. Please use this link, print the form and mail it in so that you can vote in the next Presidential election. And please choose to vote for the Pro-Choice candidate (non-Republican)

Now for the part about *me*

I still hate Bush though and I'm still Pro-Obama!

I currently reside in a nice house in a nice Maryland suburb just west of Washington DC, where I live alone with but for one goldfish named "Fry". (Fry Fish).

About me personally:
I'm a punster and a hobbyist in many fields. Despite 14 years with Lyme Disease, I'm remarkably healthy and Semi-Retired, choosing to selectively repair computers, recover data, and to demistify the benefits of Linux to Windows users who still don't understand why their computers run so poorly.

Understandably, after having spent much of my life in poor health, my interests center largely on my health, happiness and comfort and to a reasonably degree, seeing to it that my friends too are happy and well cared for. My hobbies include cooking, inventing and repair. I enjoy entertaining and throw parties in my home as close to every two months as time and energy allows.

Spiritually I consider myself "Pagan Compatible" in as much as I have associated heavily with Pagans and Wiccans and attended numerous gatherings and rituals, however I do not subscribe to any one even loosely organized religion.

For those directed here from my personal ad:(or those personally curious)

Regarding relationships Poly or Mono:
Beginning early 2013, and for so far nearly two years, I'm in a monogamous relationship. If that changes I'll try to to remember update this bio to reflect that. I'm leaving the following as it isn't wrong, but by itself it might be misleading.

In the past I have been polyamorous in a proper, ethical and respectful manner. My feeling at this time is that I actually feel happier and sleep better when I have just one really special woman in my life. However, I'm not willing to rush into anything (again) to find myself in that situation. So whether I call it dating, or call it Polyamory, when I am dating I will likely be dating more than one person concurrently while getting to know them.

My requirements for a mate of any variety include *sanity*, good hygiene and not-smoking. A proximity of under 50 miles is preferred, but not required. I'm not actually *into* BDSM in any *measurable* way, but I can play if required. No Bible Thumping Born againers or Southern Baptists PLEASE!

Why Fixx?
I've been described as an inventor since my youth, taking apart broken toys and either repairing them or making them "more entertaining". Now an adult it is only recently I feel comfortable with that title. It is simply my nature to devise practical improvements for pre-existing equipment, whether the goal be improved performance, lower cost of operation, or reduced owner maintenance. My goal is to make the my own life and the lives of others easier and more enjoyable. If I happen to make some money in the process that is also welcome, but not required.

With all this going on I’ve not been very responsible about updating my web pages, so please note the dates on each page and take that into consideration. Like the opening page says I’m not open for business, but will happily discuss anything.

Sort of too-long? Not your cup-of-tea? Look on the bright side

Contact Information:
If you are an authorized party guest, you will be able to follow this link
to a locked LJ entry containing my address and contact information. In general it also means that I have approved to to be a guest of my parties. However you *should* contact me in advance of showing up at any of my announced parties which are stated to require RSVP.

If you cannot view that link you are not currently authorized. If you are local, accessible, or ever have reason to be in the area and you think you would like to attend my parties, please send me a private email at "fixx@livejournal.com" and let me know.

Explanation of mumsfs:
MUMSFS, which is explained at length that will put you to sleep on its bio page, is a sort of social construct experiment a friend and I hatched around 2006. Surprisingly it turned out to be successful. It was an attempt to create an environment in which shy, creative people could feel safe coming out of their homes and being expressive without being traumatized by snippy, pedantic, or competitive people. There is currently a list of 14 rules which exist to help maintain this sense of safety among its members. As explained in its foreword, most people I choose to invite don't appear to need these rules, but experience has repeatedly demonstrated that often THEIR GUESTS certainly do.

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