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RANT: Lazy illiterate jerks shouldn't moderate LJ communities - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
RANT: Lazy illiterate jerks shouldn't moderate LJ communities
A little while ago I read one of the funniest posts in the too_much_info community I have seen in some time. It was so funny I was going to post a link to it here in my journal, something I rarely do, at most as often as once a month. It was only slightly off-color, unlike most of the TMI posts found there.

When I joined too_much_info a year ago, used to merely be slightly off color stories, the ones you might not want to risk posting in your own journal, but I digress. In my opinion this very funny post belonged there and deserved to remain.

Should the author choose to grant me permission I will quote all of it RIGHT HERE, but for now I will only excerpt enough of it to explain why it was unfairly deleted.

[edit: The content is now posted as the second comment to this entry. I posted
it as a reply to the comment of the original author and with her permission]

After I read it, and before I could post a comment to it, one of the moderators posted the comment that he or she does not like AIM LOGS being posted in the community (it was *not* an AIM log at all) and the jerkerator went on to say that it would therefore be deleted, and it was. I was able to copy the text out of this very funny post, so this will be a direct quote.

After the author posted a funny off color story about her 3 year old, she followed up with another off color story about a conversation she had "in the hall" quoted below:

Standing in the hall
ME: There's a
[text deleted pending permission]
GUY 1: [text deleted pending permission]
GUY 2: [text deleted pending permission]
[and this dialogue continued between the author, and guys one and two for a total of ONLY 11 lines, hardly the sort of log that annoys us. ]

As you can plainly see, to the casual observer it probably did resemble an AIM log, but it wasn't, it was a verbal exchange, not significantly different from the sort frequently posted in such communities as "mock_the_stupid", only unlike that community, the author was relating a very funny conversational exchange, nothing hateful or hurtful, nothing private or in any way electronic.

I don't require that people pay attention when they read LJ, but if you are going to moderate a community, you have a certain responsibility to actually *read* the entries before you delete them or nobody is going to want to be a member of that community.

Well that's my rant for now. If that moderator has any sense he or she will apologize and undelete that post.
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(Deleted comment)
fixx From: fixx Date: April 1st, 2005 11:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

The content of the deleted post

Shamrock (shamrock_19_79) wrote in too_much_info,
@ 2005-03-31 11:17:00

Not TMI but...
Not TMI at all but it makes me laugh anyway:

Many people in here (including myself) refer to their vagina as their "cooter". My four-year-old is speech delayed and calls his scooter his "cooter" That makes me laugh every time. Hey, he finally stopped calling it a "cooler".

Also - a conversation btwn some ppl (also very funny yet not TMI):

Standing in the hall
ME: There's a shit-load of birds out there.
GUY 1: It's called a 'gaggle'.
GUY 2: No it ain't.
GUY 1: A bunch of geese are called a 'gaggle', howcome not other birds?
GUY 2: A gaggle? Come on, you got that from South Park.
GUY 1: *immitates Big Gay Al* A 'gaggle of gay geese'
ME: Why's there different names for different groups of animals?
GUY 2: What?
ME: Pack of wolves, gaggle of geese... why don't you just say lots?
GUY 1: Hey! You know what you call a bunch of hookers?
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