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How medical insurance companies may be inadvertently causing violence - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
How medical insurance companies may be inadvertently causing violence
Make no mistake! I LOVE the prescription med listed in this article. It truly saves lives. I merely feel that it is used without sufficient caution, and often most inefficiently as a precaution rather than a treatment for acute symptoms. I may have determined a bizarre reason why there might be quite so many angry violent people cropping up all over right now. To see what I'm talking about you need to perform two Google searches exactly as phrased below, and without quotes.
albuterol and anger

correlation quitting smoking and asthma
Could the efforts in recent years to get people to quit smoking, including increased insurance cost, be ramping up the population percentage with out of control violent rage issues?

I've known enough people who have quit smoking only to develop Asthma and have to begin taking prescription asthma medications, primarily Albuterol for the cessation of acute Asthma symptoms. Their only alternative is to use tobacco which also stops asthma attacks but constitutes "resuming smoking", thus nullifying the claim they ever quit smoking.

Please note that in this study of Albuterol related VIOLENCE the highest listed reason for using Albuterol was SMOKING CESSATION THERAPY, 33.33%. Honestly, I think maybe smoking could have been safer for them, (or perhaps e-cigs which are almost certainly less harmful than actually inhaling actual smoke.)


A related question, one especially poignant in recent years with all the mass shootings and other strange behavior we are seeing, is whether the sort of _"Albuterol Rage"_ I'm describing ever leads to conflicts with the law?

One thing is for certain and it isn't news, Albuterol as used to treat asthma CAN cause "sudden death", meaning that quitting smoking can save insurance companies the expense of treating patients who might have remained alive... ugh... Please google:
albuterol sudden death
Back to the anger and violence thing, I have to wonder if maybe gun background checks are going to have to check for Albuterol use?

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