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My review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
My review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone
I'm currently using an S3 and it is great. It seems a lot of people who have these phones are oblivious to the features. While driving, for example, this phone has taken voice activation to a whole new level. I can be listening to music played on its built in MP3 player while its GPS is navigating me somewhere. It PAUSES the music to give me instructions from the GPS. If I press the button in Bluetooth headset it beeps and pauses the music so that I can issue it a verbal instruction, "Call Julie" I say, and it dials my sister and does not play music again until the call has ended.

YESTERDAY, I was driving behind a work van and noticed it had a brake light out, so seeing as it had a phone number on the back, I pressed the button on my headset and read aloud, "Dial 703-xxx-xxxx" and it did so! I got the dispatcher and alerted them to the maintenance issue. They thanked me for letting them know. Had I needed to press any buttons on the phone, I'd have declined, but I think I can stick my finger in my ear while driving without losing control. I'm just that coordinated! ;-)

Also yesterday as mentioned in a previous non public post, I mounted the phone on my bike handlebars in a weatherproof case.  Not truth be told it did not work very well there, not sure why but I was able to receive and make calls using only the headset at least and even had it play music for a portion of the ride through its internal speaker.  It does not seem to wish to send monaural music to the communications headset unfortunately, but there may be a way around that I've not figured out yet.

One shortcoming of running a cell phone on a bike is the power consumption which is why later that night I ordered this device from amazon.  It was kind of expensive but I suspect it will pay off in terms of indefinite runtime.


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