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I've accepted my first credit card transaction without using PayPal - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
I've accepted my first credit card transaction without using PayPal
For about a decade now I've had ever-increasing occasions to receive funds from individuals, usually as simple reimbursements for purchases made on their behalf, most often techno-baubles purchased online which for whatever reason they were apprehensive to purchase themselves.  I refer to such mundane things as Memory sticks, USB hubs, RAM, things they have difficulty selecting due to apprehension.  Also, I have a lot of friends who do have credit cards but for security reasons choose not to use them for Internet transactions.  Sometimes I can persuade such people to trust one or another company for a single transaction but most often it only irritates them and is much more effort than ordering the part myself.  Oh and also, I do this at absolutely NO-PROFIT to myself, as a kindness to my friends, and occasionally their friends or relatives.

Most of the time I accept checks, but I admit I'm not fond of depositing checks, and so I try to minimize that.  I'm quite fond of receiving payment by means of Paypal, but if people don't warn me up front that they are using a credit card, I actually lose money on the transaction, which is particularly annoying for me as I'm usually not actually making a profit in the first place.

About nine months ago, a friend who runs a small business out of her home showed me a squareup.com device she got for free by mail, hoping she could find a way to use it to receive payment by credit cards.  When she explained her need to me, I suggested paypal, but she insisted that wasn't "Professional".  I still insist that's nonsense.  If Henryshousework.com can take Paypal, so can she, but I digress.

I looked into the device and the service related to it, and realizing there was no apparent risk or expense to me for setting up an account, I did so, even though I was only borrowing her device and I didn't even have a smartphone to use it with.  They automatically sent me a new device in the mail for absolutely free, and I eventually returned her device to her, not that either did either of us any good... until recently.

Months passed.  I assumed my account was auto deleted by now, but having acquired a smartphone I installed the app, keyed in my password and plugged in the device.  Then, using one of my own credit cards, I "paid" myself $2 as a test.  A few days later I received a payment minus 6 cents representing its 3% fee.  I would have assumed there'd have been a base fee of at least a dollar for the transaction.  No, not at all, and it reported that the money went directly into my bank account!

I immediately wrote up a fairly detailed letter to the friend who introduced me to her device, which I had long since returned

It's true, I don't like depositing checks.  I'm not sure if I dislike it to the point of sacrificing 3%, but if I can interest anyone wishing to reimburse me and cover the extra added expense, I'm sure to provide it as an option, since the reader is tiny and fits easily in my fanny pack with my smartphone.

I'm posting this here mainly because I know several self employed people who could easily benefit from such a device, and now that I've made it sound so safe, easy and fast, some of you may actually wish to examine this device.  I understand that it totally works with android smartphones like mine and iphones.  I've heard it also worse with both iPods and iPads.  This might suggest it will work with android tablets, but my efforts to make it work with my Android tablet were fruitless because I could not persuade the app to install.  I tried again just now and my browser would not so much as connect to the site, insisting that the security certificate was not from a trusted authority.

Oh wait, I was able to refine my search for a way to get to the correct page on the site, then it said it had to install by means of the Google Play store, and took me to the correct page, so I pressed install.  The last time it did that I assumed something different, but now I realize that just means my gmail password.  I entered that and I was into the store, where, to be fair, I think I may have registered a credit card since I've had the phone, so maybe that's why I got in this time.  After I did that, the app I tried to install automatically installed for me... but then it wasn't there when I thought it had installed... so maybe it does not work with android tablets.  I will probably try again when I am less sleepy.  It just dawned on me, there may be an entirely legit reason they might only want these working with phones and not simply wifi tablets.  It could be the purpose is to cut down on credit card fraud.  If you can only do it from a smartphone, then if there is fraud, the authorities at least know whom to contact.


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