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Most Republicans who are so laughably wrong stick to fewer subjects - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Most Republicans who are so laughably wrong stick to fewer subjects
I just heard about Republican Senator Stacey Campfield, and I just can't get enough of him!  He's a non-stop laugh riot.  The things he says are so comical that there's almost no room left for satire.  Where shall I begin?  He explains where AIDS really came from! He has a solution to welfare kids with failing grades (cut them off).  And he compared Pressure Cookers to Assault Weapons (granted I did that too, but I'm not a politician).

Stephen Colbert summarizes most of these bizarre views in a single segment behind this link:

In a recent piece, Mr. Campfield compares a pressure cooker to an assault weapon:

Mr Campfield is featured in a video here in which he's forced to explain to an 8 year old welfare child that she's only guaranteed a good education if she has a quality parent. Thankfully this dog and pony show was all it took to persuade him to drop that particular campaign, which just goes to show he doesn't put any serious thought into the things he says:

Whoops ERROR!
Yesterday I posted the following about the human genome and homosexuality, falsely attributing it to Mr. Campfield, but today I realized it was a different politician entirely.  I became confused while looking up all the crazy stuff Stacey Campfield said.  Like I said.  Oops.  Isn't it convenient that Livejournal permits me to edit these errors!

In this article a direct quote from Mr. Campfield reveals that he is either willing to lie or he's wildly misinformed that the entire Human Genome is entirely understood and that it has been in some way proven that people are never gay by birth.  In his defense I suppose it is possible he thinks that having a map means knowing where everything is.  In this same quote he also redefines Homosexuality as Sex Addict.

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