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Please sign this petition too exposing the 138 Republicans who voted against VAWA - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Please sign this petition too exposing the 138 Republicans who voted against VAWA
It is time to kick some ass and take some names (and associated states). Let's try to make sure these Republicans are not re-elected in the Midterms. Sign the petition here!

Many who don't pay enough attention to politics assume that when a bill which protects the rights of women or minorities actually passes the house that this somehow means that Republican politicians are not all bad. No. What it means is that not all Republican politicians are bad.

Look at their reasoning. According to this Mother Jones article, their objections were purportedly not that they want women to be victims of violence, but that they objected to provisions of the law that caused to apply equally to to non-American women, gays and trans women. Can you say "Gay bashing at the highest levels"? Sure you can! What is it about these politicians that makes them so hateful that they essentially want to legalize gay-bashing by omission?

But it isn't just gay women they disrespect. We lost the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for example. As that link shows, it actually passed the house in 2009, when Non-Republicans had a majority in The House, and failed in the Senate. Since then we won a majority in the senate but lost the majority in the house. As a result the bill has been unable to win in both and women are still being paid less than men, on average, nationwide and without recourse, which is ironic because health care for women tends to be more expensive even for those who don't get pregnant. In a sensible world women would be paid more than men.

What this tells us is that on the whole Republicans cannot be convinced that Women deserve equal pay for equal work but some Republicans can be persuaded that women do not deserve to be victims of domestic violence. This tells us that, on Average, Republican politicians regard the rights of women to be similar to the rights if slaves before slavery was abolished.


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