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Unpleasant Discoveries OTD - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Unpleasant Discoveries OTD
Last night about midnite, my Crapcast NO speed internet failed again. I called and ranted some more. The servijerk checked my line and told me that since he could not communicate with my modem the problem MUST be at my end, and that I would need to call for service.

First, what he said is not true. There is no MUST in this case. I suspect that several area people are without service but, being as discusted as I am, gave up calling and are trying to order Verizon DSL (which costs 1/3 less).

Second, the connection hasn't been consistent since they last "fixed" it. Planning a rant for today, I shut down my PC and left the (external) modem on in case they discovered another failure overnight and fixed it by morning.

This morning I get up and the cable modem is working! So try to turn on my PC, but it would not boot at all. No amount of denying power and trying the power button would fix it. I believe this is completely unrelated. The lights would flash momentarily after pressing the power button, which points to the power supply. Fortunately I have four spares on hand.

If anyone is wondering what I'm doing online, I'm on my networked "media conversion" computer aka "Spike" :-)

PS: For those of you who are pc tech dependent, modern ATX power supplies appear to fail about every 2 years, with a cost $10-20 on average, install with minimal tools in under 30 minutes not requiring much skill. Care should be taken to make sure that all cables such as IDE and floppy are firmly seated into their drives and board connectors before closing the case.
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