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Lyme Disease & Proper Treatment - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Lyme Disease & Proper Treatment
This morning I prepared the following information regarding the proper treatment for Lyme Disease on another website. After judging it to be pretty good, I decided to post it here, even though this journal already contains a similar post from which this one was based.

This post contains the following subheadings: (not clickable)
1) PROOF POSITIVE that Lyme can be treated and cured:
2) My 8 years of failed treatments, & my new treatment:
3) More about the Anti-Trust case:
4) EXACTLY why so many people receive False Negatives when tested:
5) My Doctor's Contact Information:

PROOF POSITIVE that Lyme can be treated and cured:
Ever since I posted in my profile that I have Lyme Disease, I have been hearing increasingly from people who believe that it can never be cured. I know for a fact THIS IS NOT TRUE. It can be cured, although the longer it is left untreated or undertreated, the longer and more unpleasant the treatment is.

The problem that gives people this false impression is that the majority of those who receive treatment for it are employing doctors who are not even simply using outdated information, but literally using "approved methods" which have *NEVER* been fully effective.

You may find this difficult to believe, but the current popular methods approved for use by doctors to treat Lyme Disease only serve to cause the infection to go DORMANT only to return at a later time.

You can read about the "Antitrust" case filed by the Connecticut Attorney General's Office. I won't blame you if you don't want to read the whole thing, but if you have any friends or family who have EVER been diagnosed with Lyme Disease you owe it them to read the first two paragraphs. If you agree with my assessment you should pass that link along to your affected friend and family.

My 8 years of failed treatments, & my new treatment:
Unfortunately for me, two of my previous blood tests came up negative. The test I had performed in June of this year by a lab in Germantown Maryland which DOES NOT exclude certain indicators* tested me. Those tests came up positive.

I received notice that I officially have Lyme Disease only as of about the end of July of 2008, although it was already apparent to the new doctor who is treating me that I have actually had Lyme Disease for several years and this is why he started me on a heavy regimen of antibiotics to treat it back in June.

Part of the reason I was not treated effectively in 2000 or 2007, when I had acute Lyme Disease symptoms, is that the ISDA, Infections Disease Society of America, published misleading guidelines about treatment and so I was initially treated for much shorter durations than are effective in killing a new LD infection.

More about the Anti-Trust case:
As in MAY OF THIS YEAR, Connecticut's Attorney General investigated conflict of interest charges in which those on the panel stood to benefit financially if Lyme Disease was not treated properly, or tested for in a manner that frequently yields false negatives! It appears those on the panel had consulting positions with in Health Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and patents regarding laboratory testing procedures etc. Those assembling the panel went so far as to exclude those with dissenting opinions from the panel, even once REMOVING someone from the panel in order to form a consensus vote. Sounds unbelievable? You can read the official story right here at Connecticut Attorney General's Office.

In case you are not aware of all of the symptoms of Lyme Disease, one popular symptom, which varies in intensity from patient to patient, is a particularly unpleasant sort of SEARING PAIN. If you have ever been struck in the arm or leg in such a manner that what hit you actually penetrated or broke a bone, I have, it is very similar to that pain, except that the pain only lasts for eight to ten seconds. It can occur at ANY time. You can be sleeping, standing, eating, watching TV, whatever, and suddenly it feels as though someone has stabbed you with something like an icepick or screwdriver through your muscle and straight to the bone. So there you are in bed, in your living room, in a public restaurant, screaming bloody murder, and then it goes away and everyone is looking at you like your are insane. That, my dear readers, is what the ISDA committed sufferers of Lyme Disease to when they decided to approve ineffective treatment of Lyme Disease. Am I wrong to feel that those who knowingly did this to us should be infected with the disease and denied adequate treatment themselves?

Although I've not actually heard of hoards of angry Lyme Disease patients armed with torches and pitchforks organizing a class action suit against those who selfishly committed fraud, and in doing so essentially denied the sick proper treatment only to line their own pockets, at least one person has apparently blogged about the potential for this to occur. They knew what they were doing, they knew what the outcome would be, they did this to us. No financial settlement possible would be fair, although I'll certainly entertain offers... after they have experienced life with Lyme Disease themselves.

EXACTLY why so many people receive False Negatives when tested:
*By Certain Indicators, I refer to two or three particular indicators, "bands" they may be called, which became unfavorable after those receiving the vaccine started receiving false positives. Now that the vaccine is no longer available and those who have received the vaccine are vastly in the minority, it is sensible to include these bands in all LD tests and simply screen those receiving the test for having received the vaccine before rendering a diagnosis. There is NOTHING about these indicators which renders false positives in people who have not received the vaccine.

My Doctor's Contact Information:
(should you or someone you know need treatment or guidance)
My doctor, Dr Daniel Jaller of Germantown Maryland, keeps a Public blog and follows recent developments in the effective treatment of Lyme Disease.


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