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Three Must-See Vids for Segway fans - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Three Must-See Vids for Segway fans
This TED vid featuring Segway creator, Dean Kamen, apparently filmed in 2002 reveals how the creator came to realize how well received Segways might be to the elderly who have mobility issues not necessarily relating to a particular "disability".

That vid ends with a section regarding a device they are working on which operates on propane and provides electricity for the Segway while also purifying water for drinking in countries where potable water is not as common as it is here in the US.

This other article I found shows that further innovation is being made to make the Segway even more useful to the more severely handicapped, further blurring the lines between what people consider a wheelchair and what people consider a scooter. I'd be truly surprised if DisneyWorld would dare to try to ban THIS from their parks, despite their insistence that legitimately handicapped people may not be permitted to bring Segways into their parks.

While browsing more such vids I also found this interesting Michelin tire design vid which appears to give the segway much better shock absorbing capability than its current pneumatic tires currently provide.

Now totally unrelated, this video of an amazing robotic prosthetic arm for handicapped veterans, also from Dean Kamen is really amazing.


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