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DIY Cat Tree Project - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
DIY Cat Tree Project
Sorry, no pictures just yet, but last night I built a 5' tall cat scratching post using lumber left over from another project and "Sisal" rope. Basically, [edited to remove LJ handle - READ "THE EX"] needed another scratching post and while I would not begrudge her of it, I reeled at the thought of buying anything I could so easily build myself.

Although the smallest of the cats has enjoyed climbing it, "The Ex" is uncomfortable with the height of it. So, now aside from shortening it, the basic design is essentially approved. What is especially good news for anyone else who wants one, is that the design, like so many of my designs, needs no specialized tools to build, uses the cheapest lumber and costs very little to build. (a cordless drill driver and a staple gun is recommended but not absolutely necessary)

If there is any interest here I will probably post pictures, measurements and instructions.
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reiven From: reiven Date: October 17th, 2004 03:34 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm interested in the plans you used and some pictures.

I've been wanting a cat tree forever for my two cats, but of course the retail price on those things are ridiculous and way out of my budget. My boyfriend's stepdad is building me one for a Christmas present though. I haven't seen it yet - they've just hinted heavily and I saw it covered up in their garage. I'm probably more excited about it than my cats will be.
fixx From: fixx Date: October 17th, 2004 04:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Drew a blank on your handle for a few seconds there. The creative photographer! OK I remember you now, not that I have so many LJ friends either but it is hard to keep track of them anyway.

To be honest the "design" is ridiculously simple. See, I've been "admiring" cat trees since before they were popular, beginning with one which was more of a thing you mount on a wall. What always annoyed me is that the designs all seemed to be designed for cats with arthritis, physical ailments or a poor sense of balance, characteristics I don't relate to "most cats"

So I decided years ago that if I built a "cat tree" it would be designed not simply as "a high perch to look down on the silly humans" but also a *challenge* to climb and have play areas for ACTIVE play style.

Who'd have thought that my first design would resemble a telephone pole? It is essentially comprised of two 5' lengths of cheap "stud" that's like 2x4 but it is actually 2"x3" each, screwed together with drywall screw to make one piece roughly 3"x4"x5'. This assembly is covered in tightly wrapped Sisal" rope (which cats LOVE) but which costs more than carpet scraps and takes longer to install which is why the cheaper cat trees don't use it.

Across the top is another lenghth of stud 21" long forming a "T" and at the bottom is a piece of plywood just 18" wide by 22" long securied with four more drywall screws. I know it sounds unstable, but then so does it creator... No wait! Really!

It was just a first try experiment but now BOTH of the kittens love it, and neither has come close to knocking it over. There are now four toys suspended from the top and despite its apparently small size it has become quite an attraction for the cats, which I read as "success" Sure it's design would not win any awards for originality, but I might recommend others try this simple design.
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