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Boo Who? - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Boo Who?
I am just posting to clarify that the report posted by john_tangent explaining what happened outside the Rite Aid at the Rotunda in Baltimore on 09/24/2004, is reasonably accurate except for a few key points which I’d like to clarify for those who wish to know.

1) Although john_tangent and I have not always been on the best of terms, at the time of this incident I had reason to believe that he and I were on the best terms we had been on in years, our only two interactions in the past year regarding my offer to help him with his house and his offer to give me his old gas stove.
2) What I did was intended as a greeting, (and possible party invitation, in the unlikely event that they *both* acted friendly). My actions were not intended in any way as a prank.
3) I approached john_tangent and still_asking who were themselves standing 5-7 feet apart, from the side and politely waited for them to notice me, making what I thought was eye contact with john_tangent , who apparently saw, but did not recognize me. He incorrectly reports I poked my head between them, but I dare say he may remember it that way if he did not notice me for so long before I chirped, not yelled, my greeting.
4) I was totally unaware that still_asking suffered from any conditions even similar to my companion ladi_lavinder. Nobody ever told me this, and john_tangent’s suggestion that I knew this is totally unfounded.
5) john_tangent’s slightly delayed panicked screaming appeared to be triggered by seeing still_asking totally freak out and not directly by my surprising him.
6) I *never* asked anyone in the Rite Aid to call security. Two of the staff threatened to call security if john_tangent did not leave, the second one, a pharmacist, actually coming out from behind the counter apparent intent on removing him from the store after he disregarded the first warning.

Though I am not expecting anyone's sympathy, I'd like to add that while john_tangent may choose to write how I ruined the one nice day in his terrible life, I on the other a hand took a few minutes to talk to him out of a grueling day on which I got up at 5am after essentialy no sleep.

As many of you know I currently have not less than three friends who are diagnosed as having conditions like ladi_lavinder. Given my worst previous experiences with still_asking had I known she undergoing therapy for these problems, I'd have had second thoughts about approaching her at all. Considering that I was not so warned I see no basis for his claims that my actions were inappropriate. As for his suggestion that I already knew... I’d have to describe that as the ravings of a maniac. :-)

Since this experience I have spoken at length to two other "victims" of still_asking. I say "victims" because even knowing of her conditions and even attempting to treat her with kid gloves appears not to be enough. So far I have collected three votes if you count my own vote, that still_asking should wear clothing with large printing explaining that there is no safe way to approach her.

For the original post in question, please see:

**** EDIT ****
To read what my companion (read "witness") ladi_lavinder has to say on the subject, please read her entry:
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madbodger From: madbodger Date: October 11th, 2004 09:11 pm (UTC) (Link)

A lavinder condition?

friends who are diagnosed as having conditions like ladi_lavinder.

I didn't know ladi_lavinder was a "condition". Is she catching? Can I catch her? Yummy thought, that.

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