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A couple of unlikely-looking commuter-vehicles - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
A couple of unlikely-looking commuter-vehicles
These Chinese-built gas-powered street-scooters, apparently classified here as "MOPEDS" don't appear to stink. By that I mean they aren't two strokes, the exhaust of which tends to be pretty nasty.

The two I am listing are unusual because they are both semi-enclosed like a car. Stranger still one of them dares to operate on three wheels, which is particularly scary because of how narrow it is. I'd say neither of them looks particularly "stable" to me with their elevated center of gravity, but the three wheeler seems particularly frightening because of its truly tiny rear wheels.

This first one is the three-wheeler claims to have a 150 cc engine which is about 100 cc more than Maryland allows for a moped, at leas the last time I checked. It also has a five speed transmission with reverse which is a great deal more than many motorcycles, as well as front disk brakes.

This next one, a two-wheeler is nearly identical otherwise, but features a slightly larger fuel tank, a higher maximum speed, Rear disk brakes as well as front. It also features an automatic stepless transmission that functions without precise gear changes.

Having said all of that, none of this makes me any less interested in seeing either of them and maybe even taking one out for a spin. :-)


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