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Why I did not make it to Balticon Saturday --The story of my AC repair - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Why I did not make it to Balticon Saturday --The story of my AC repair
I've not had AC but a single window unit this year. Its been in the 90's recently and when they guy I hired to replace my evaporator called me Friday to say he wanted to come by at 7am Saturday to do it, I wasn't going to refuse.

I was hoping it would be over by noon, but even with me there to help him with stuff really requiring two people, it still took until about 4pm, by which time I was way too burned out to consider going. I'm hoping to be there today however, probably a bit past noon if all goes well. Unfortunately my back which was bothering me before is bothering me even more now, so if you know of anyone doing massage at Balticon, please let me know.

Some other details. The guy I hired normally works for a company that does commercial AC jobs and it appears he is used to having some help, so he really did need my assistance when the coil he purchased to replace mine with was twice the size. He ordered a larger one to match the capacity of my outside unit. The old one probably was adequately sized but if I understand how these things work, it stands to reason that this larger unit will be more energy efficient as well as more effective.

Unfortunately this larger unit also meant that there had to be more modifications to make it fit and his original ideas involve cutting up more of my ductwork than I was cool with. Instead we took out a couple of riser between my furnace and it and while he worked on making a small riser between the evaporator and the ductwork above I fabricated three remarkably solid custom braces to more securely attach the evaporator to the furnace. Had I not done this, the materials he had to do it would have been effective but far from idea. I probably did not save him more than 1-20 minutes and even with a plasma cutter, a drill press, and a bench grinder, it still took me over two hours to make these better braces.

Now you might be wondering what this all cost me. His total fee was $750, and if he was honest about the costs of materials, the new evaporator which he said was OEMed by or for "Amana" cost $400 (It sure looks to be much higher quality than the old one)

The remaining $350 covered the cost of the freon charge, labor such as fitting the refrigerant lines and charging it, and making the riser at the top, delivery and removal of old hardware and of course labor to take out the old unit, which I performed significant help with and some air tools to speed it up. I'll aslo say there is no way he could have installed this large evaporator himself without seriously straining his back. Between the tight spaces, necessary angles to bring it in between the gas pipe and the other ductwork, and the weight of the unit, he'd have seriously hurt himself. With me on the other side, lifting and guiding it went in easily with no damage or injuries.

When I originally met him at Public Storage and he told me he fixed AC systems, I recorded the info in my PDA thinking it might save me some money someday, and of course I believe it did. I had not been anticipating working this hard at the same time, but I know that by doing so I accomplished a much higher quality result than I probably would have gotten anywhere. It shows my quality forethought ant attention to detail, combined with commercial grade experience and expertise.

Part of me wants to recommend him to all my friends, and part of me hesitates to without some serious disclaimers regarding what sorts of extra hardware you might want to pick up at home depot, just in case they are needed.

Now that it is done it looks great. Mind you, a lot of how it is done looks like other stuff I do, a bit odd, a bit sturdy, and a bit more industrial than people are accustomed to seeing unless they service military equipment. Appearance wise it is such an improvement over the old arrangement which involved two riser which had been added to one another as different equipment was replaced spanning a couple of different furnaces.

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