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In the name of Reproductive Rights, that is going to be my new motto between now and the next presidential election, or at least the presidential primaries.

In case you have not heard, world champion waffler, John McCain was is quoted in the February 19th, 2007 interview in "USA Today" as saying "I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned..." and then proceeded to an abstinence-only event later that day.

I know lots of people who consider John McCain to be among the most palatable of Republican candidates, however being Pro-Choice as I am, I cannot condone any candidate who wishes to curtail reproductive rights and I will do all I can to expose this otherwise likable Republican candidate to any who might imagine he could be Pro-Choice

It isn't that I actually believe that any Republican candidates will be Pro-Choice, but I feel it is important to clarify where even the nicest ones stand well before an election.

If you are pro-choice and Republican, you may wish to reconsider your party. Regardless of your party, you should probably make sure your friends know what is at stake.

You have my permission to post pointers to this elsewhere on LJ or alternatively to quote the second paragraph of this post anywhere you like, with or without attribution. Similarly, if you know of any communities on LJ where you feel this post belongs, and if you think I can post it there, you may suggest that community to me here in the comments. I think menstrualhut will accept it.
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