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News Flash: Comcast STILL sucks - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
News Flash: Comcast STILL sucks
Can't stay online long. My Comcast has gone in and out since I logged in today.

For the past couple of months (at least) the connection was dropping out on weekends but working during the week, a pattern for which I had no explanation.

Last weekend the connection dropped out about 1pm on Friday and did not work again until Saturday at which time it worked only very briefly. By Monday night when it still did not work, I arranged to visit my sister and pick up her "spare" cable modem; a NEW Motorola still in box which she had purchased with the intent of replacing her rental from Comcast.

Shortly before hooking up the Motorola, I did a full reset of my Toshiba modem in the hope of qualifying the connection as truly dead. Though it was about 1am by this time, I managed to get a technician there to change the MAC ID of my Toshiba over to the Motorola to see if it would work any better. To my surprise it actually worked

Tuesday it continued to work but it was very slow. It reminded me of using 56k but somewhat less stable. Later on Wednesday the connection dropped out and never again came back on.

Friday, yes today, I did another full reset of the cable modem/router/pc. It did no good. The cable modem reported there was no signal. In desperation I called Comcast. Their lines were so tied up in my area that when I did get a live person they were in the wrong county and when I protested, they hung up.

I called Comcast again and explained to them that regardless of whether they fix my connection that I will be investigating Verizon DSL as a more reliable alternative. I explained that the last service call in September involved a technician attempting to blame my cable modem which is clearly not at fault. The phone clerk attempted to tell me the last house call involved replacing my "ground block outside". I told him that the technician lies. My house does not have an outside ground block and therefore it is not possible to have replaced it. The clerk issued me a one month refund for the crappy service.

The clerk checked my modem and reported that their system reported my modem was offline. He verified my MAC ID over the phone. While the clerk went away to issue me a refund I did another reset, this time it worked. I have to assume that in checking the MAC ID he effectively woke something up. Before more could be said, we were again disconnected.

Minutes later a phone call came in to my cell phone from the clerk. He informed me that a technician would be sent to my house between 10am and 1pm on Friday to try to figure out the problem. It is nearly 1pm now and I still have not received a technician.

As I said earlier in this post, the connection is working but it is flaky. The problem is clearly not my modem as the service acts this way with two modems and the odds of them both being bad seems to be very low.


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