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Banned in Russia - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Banned in Russia
I really wasn't that interested in seeing the film "Borat", until I read here in image 8 of 21 that it was banned in Russia.

How bad does a film have to be to be banned in Russia? Until I see the film for myself, I'm going to assume that the "Anti-Semitic humor" portrayed is really over-the-top anti-anti-Semitic, rather like was demonstrated in the "All in the Family" character, Archie Bunker.


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From: jump_street1980 Date: November 14th, 2006 09:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
okay, so, you have to understand Borat to get Borat.
Borat is a humongous joke that has been played on the American people. And the people most offended by it are the most racist, bigoted people in this country. Mainly because Borat isn't making fun of Kazahk people, or immigrants. He's making fun of US. Or rather, he's making fun of bigoted people in general.
See, whahahappenwuz...LOL...Sasha Baron Cohen (the guy who plays "Borat") is a Jew. His Borat character is a HIGHLY offensive "Kazahkstani" who wanders around trying to entrap people into thinking he is a foreigner and makes blatant sexist/racist, etc. comments to get people to show their true colours.
It's only "anti-semitic" to those who aren't getting the joke.
There's a scene in the film (which I have not seen yet) where he asks a guy, "What is best gun to kill a Jew?" and the guy actually answers, "I'd say a .09 milimeter."
Tell me, if you were that guy, wouldn't you stop a second and say, "Um, first, why do you want to kill anyone, let alone a Jewish person."
The fact that this man also knew the best weapon to kill someone...hmm...yeah.
These are the things that get "Borat" into trouble with the media. Oh yes...the "liberal" media.
Give me Borat and Carlos Mencia any day. At least they are up front in showing how ruddy racist this country really is, despite our attempts at being "PC."
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