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More reason to HATE COMCAST

Last night my cable modem signal went out. TV still worked but no broadband. Usually I can kickstart my cable modem when the signal starts getting flakey, but this was serious.

Rather than call, only to be told (again) that there's a server down and it should be fixed by morning, I just went to bed. Today it was still out.

I call comcast. I get this really *bad* busy signal, like seriously overloaded lines. So I call the 888 number for broadband direct info and I learn that major parts of my county are down.

Good thing I never got around to disabling my AOL dialup... yes I've been holding onto it at a rate of $10 a month for the past eight months because the cable goes down just often enough. I just wish I could send comcast a bill for the added expense.
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