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53 miles west of Venus - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
53 miles west of Venus
[corrected subject line. Misheard lyric. I thought it was 33 but it was 53]

That’s what comes from listening to only the B52’s while out driving today. It was a big day. I took care of a number of errands that were piling up in one fifty or so mile round trip errand run, and in doing so encountered some fantastic luck and shared some laughs with complete strangers.

First The laughs:
So right after I left the flagstone store (detailed in the list), about 9:30am I punched up FOOD in my GPS/PDA and decided to head for the nearest Bob Evans for breakfast, which it claimed was only 2.9 miles away. The voice commands routed me through totally unfamiliar and beautiful roads until I came out at a little strip mall. It appeared to indicate I was practically there but I saw no restaurant. I pulled into the strip mall, parked, and walked into a new dining establishment called, “Olde Town Diner & Restaurant.”

The waitress scurried to my aide, “May I help you sir?” “Perhaps, I was attempting to drive to the Bob Evans Restaurant and...” She interrupted, “Oh I can tell you how to get there, just go out this driveway and turn right then drive...” I interrupted, “DON’T HELP! I saw your sign claiming you serve breakfast ALL DAY! I’d like to order some?” “Oh, YES SIR! We can do that. We’ve got a special on 2 eggs, home fries and 4 pieces toast only $1.99” While she managed to choke out those words amongst the laughter, I’d say I pretty much floored both she and the only customer in the place, a very attractive, and unfortunately spoken for, lady about my age with whom I ended up having a very pleasant conversation.

The list of errands began with driving up to the auction house in Frederick were certain items of furniture from my mom’s house are to be sold at auction very soon. It appears I accidentally turned over one bag of books I had not intended to, and so I needed to drive out there to recover them.

Having arrived 30 minutes early I discovered it was immediately next to a contrete flagstone retailer whose prices flat out beat buying from stores like Lowes or Home Depot. They had a free full color catalog that included DIY instructions and it appears even the cheapest ones are lifetime warranted not to crack. What luck! This place saved me a lot of research. If anyone is interested, it is called “Pavers Plus” 301-473-9755 and they deliver to Rockville.

I also managed to pick up my prescription, shop at Costco, go to the bank, get my Toyota through emissions and even pick up a load of delicate items at the Gaithersburg house before heading home.

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