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Fascist Game Wardens - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Fascist Game Wardens
I just two articles regarding the same news story, and I'm realizing an important detail was omitted.

Apparently this guy in main had 10 fish called "Koi" for 15 years before armed police confiscated them and took them into New Hampshire where they apparently gave them to a pet store.

I am concerned about an omitted detail, which is exactly when the law against "importing freshwater fish into Maine without a permit" actually went into effect. As the second article explains A few years ago, however, Maine outlawed the importation and possession of koi. If the fish owner had acquired the fish prior to this law, then this man's rights were violated.

Although for that matter, I think he could have been offered alternatives other than forced confiscation. The first article explains that the pet store has agreed to sell the fish back to their original owner (the price is also not disclosed in the article) and the owner will be putting the fish up with relatives in Boston, Massachusetts.

The CBS article was the only one brave enough to list the name of the pet store, "The Little Shop of Pets"!

Hunting around the "Sploid" I found this other article, which is worth a look. It is a sad story about a red fox, but the photo may make you laugh.

Oh and if you like breasts or babies, or if you just like to laugh at intolerant stupid people, you might appreciate this article too.

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