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POLL: Do Anonymous Comments Incite Suspicious Responses? - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
POLL: Do Anonymous Comments Incite Suspicious Responses?
Most everyone reading, LJ friended or otherwise, is already aware that I've received many anonymous comments in my LJ over the last few weeks, more in fact than I have yet unscreened. The majority of them are not particularly friendly. Many of them are critical, some are insulting and a very few are friendly or even supportive.

One such friendly person wrote to me privately to tell me she was offended that I had been suspicious of her. While I understand that her feelings have been hurt, I am under the impression that she is not an LJ user herself.

Therefore this poll, which is viewable to all and which is open to voting only to my LJ friends, is intended to give non LJ using anonymous commenters an LJ user's perspective. Please read all questions before replying as to understand how each context is different.

Poll #774921 Do Anonymous Comments Incite Suspicious Responses?

Do you *ever* reply to "anonymous" comments?

Yes or sometimes
No (meaning either you have never or that you would never)
I have not, but I would not rule it out
I've never received an anonymous comment

Do you feel _at_all_ negatively about unsigned "anonymous" comments (if you have never received one, think of those you have seen in my LJ

Whatever do you mean? What could be negative about *anonymous* comments?
I feel a tiny little twinge of negativity
I find it very annoying
I hate it, but I don't lose sleep over it
Most of my anonymous comments are signed somehow, so when I receive one which is not, I tend to assume the author was one of the regulars

Do you feel more positively about "anonymous" comments in your LJ if they have *any* sort of signature or explanation for having been placed anonymously?

Yes (I feel it shows good intent)
No (Explanation or no, there is never a good excuse to post an anonymous comment, LJ is FREE dammit!)

Do you feel equally or differently about anonymous comments signed, "I don't have an LJ, but you can call me Veronica" or, "I have an LJ I'm not willing to identify myself at this time but if I write back I'll myself the one eyed bandit"?

I feel more positive about people who don't have LJ accounts (Veronica)
I feel more positive about people who admit to having an LJ but are not willing to identify themselves for any reason (one eyed bandit)
I don't care what their reason is, I feel positive about everybody
I don't like receiving anonymous comments at all
I have configured my LJ not to allow anonymous comments
I have configured my LJ to screen all anonymous comments and I never unscreen them

You receive a comment in your LJ regarding a hotly debated subject involving angry and abusive people. Up until then all anonymous comments have been more or less negative. Would you be the least bit suspicious of an apparently supportive *anonymous* comment?

Yes (the fact it was anonymous would automatically make it seem suspicious)
No (I judge all anonymous comments by their own merits)

You receive a slightly negative comment in your LJ regarding a post you made about fuzzy bunnies and lollipops. For the past week, all anonymous comments in your LJ have been unfriendly regardless of subject. Would you be the least bit suspicious that the person commenting anonymously might have been directed there to post something negative in your LJ on another topic and just commented on this one instead?

Yes (the idea might cross my mind)
No (that would not even occur to me)

Do you believe that receiving mostly negative anonymous comments in your LJ over the span of a couple of weeks predisposes you to view all anonymous comments somewhat negatively?

Might depend on the situation

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bittercat From: bittercat Date: July 21st, 2006 05:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

I so not allow "anonymous" commenting in my journal.

(The icon is not aimed at you!)

The way I see it is if someone has something to say to me, positive or negative, they should just say it. I may not like what they have to say, but in not hiding, we are being adults. I don't suffer fools gladly (mostly,) and I have no time for bullshit.

Why let people hide? If they are assholes, doesn't the world deserve to see them in all their glory?

browneyedgirl65 From: browneyedgirl65 Date: July 22nd, 2006 12:02 am (UTC) (Link)
I really couldn't answer some of these given the choices you put down. A lot depends on the situation. I get random, fairly neutral anonymous comments all the time. Most of hte time the person just hasn't figured out they were logged out (and many will post again noting that). Others are just outside to LJ people who might or might not leave a name or some other identifying characteristic.

Obviously, I haven't (on LJ anyway) gotten into a big hoo-haa where anonymous comments might be used in the fray. I don't sweat it because this is how I have handled it elsewhere.

I always log IP's. If there's a pattern there, I will block. I have no time at all for people who are going to fight with you behind a cloak of anonymity. If it gets to a certain point, I will ban anon comments altogether (on LJ, all anon would go to review and I'd post the ones that were in the previous category outside the spat).

If they don't like it, tough noogies. It's MY fucking blog/email list/webspace/whatever. They wanna pay my ISP costs, *then* they can fucking whine about being cut off.

Now, if they will make their comments (positive or negative) non-anonymously, I give them more leeway, but there can reach a point (ie, drowning out a conversation or not leaving off after I've indicated disinterest in continuing) where I will cut that off as well.

I've dealt with this kind of thing for about 15 years now, and life is just too short to deal with petty games. So I don't even play the game. It's my turf, I'll make the rules, and if you don't like it you can pack your toys.

But outside that, I'm pretty damn flexible. :)

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