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"It's a candy bar machine for the girls." - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
"It's a candy bar machine for the girls."
I simply don't have the nerve to post this to the menstrualhut or tmi_chix communities. Part of the reason is that this story sounds rather like an urban legend. Either way it is pretty funny as are many of the stories on this page.

To find the story in question on the above linked page ultra fast, copy the subject line of this message into your browser "find on this page" search utility.

Other good stories to search for on that page include:

"I have to go see Miss Fisher"

"Pretty good, but they really hurt when you rip them off."

and this one which is obviously humor but still very amusing,

"Anything is possible these days."


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ravensun From: ravensun Date: July 18th, 2006 11:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

It's all YOUR fault...!

A man had to go to a strange town to be the guest speaker at a business meeting.
When he arrived at the motel in town, he found that he had a lot of time before the meeting. He asked the clerk where the nearest golf course was and got directions on how to get there.
While playing on the front nine, he was going over the speech in his mind and became confused as to where he was on the course.
Looking around, he saw a lady playing ahead of him. He walked up to her and told her about his big meeting and the speech he was to make and his confusion about where he was on the course. He asked her if she knew what hole he was playing.
She replied, "I'm on the 7th hole and you are a hole behind me, so you must be on the 6th hole."
He thanked her and went back to his golf.
On the back nine the same thing happened. And he approached her again with the same request.
She said, "I'm on the 14th, you are a hole behind me, so you must be on the 13th."
Once again he thanked her and returned to his play.
He finished his round and went into the clubhouse where he saw the lady sitting at the end of the bar. He asked the bartender if he knew her.
The bartender said that she was a saleswoman and played the course often.
He approached her and said, "Let me buy you a drink to show my appreciation for your help. I understand that you are a saleswoman. Well, I'm in sales too. What do you sell"?
She replied, "If I told you, you would only laugh."
"No, I wouldn't," he said and persisted that she tell him what she sold.
"Well, if you must know," she answered, "I sell Tampax."
With that, he fell on the floor and laughed so hard he almost lost his breath.
She said, "See, I knew you would laugh."
"That's not what I'm laughing at," he replied. "I'm a toilet paper salesman, so I'm still a hole behind you!"
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