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I just realized the grass really is greener on MY side of the fence - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
I just realized the grass really is greener on MY side of the fence
For several years now, even before I owned this house, I was rather envious of one neighbors lawns. Still I was unwilling to expend the sort of time and energy he puts into his "velvet lawn", mowing a minimum of once a week Next door the a$$hole neighbors who mow nearly as often, have been shaving their lawn so close that the grass actually goes bare in places and turns brown in others.

Today while walking my cat, I examined my lawn to try to determine if I should mow it now or give it a couple more days. While doing so I made these realizations:

1) My grass is not really tall, just kind of uneven looking and at the same time pleasantly varied in texture with a variety of tiny flowers sprinkled in. I mean who ever said one's lawn needs to look like a golf course??

2) My lawn is *greener* than most of the other lawns, possibly even a darker richer green than the velvet astroturf-like lawn across the street.

3) My lawn could also be said to be environmentally "greener" (ecologically speaking), by virtue of the fact that the fuel that is saved by mowing it only about every two weeks is not contributing to global warming.


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