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AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort. — LiveJournal
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
For a couple weeks now I've been getting mail bounces for mail I did not send. Not that long ago I might have assumed I had a virus (or worm) and the virus was sending spam from my own pc.

These days worms on other people's computers can duplicate our email addresses, forging them so to speak and third parties can receive mail or not receive mail and the bounces can bounce back to us.

That's what I assumed was happening. In fact it was NEITHER. It appears some woman sharing my first initial and last name created a new email address with my ISP comcast differing from mine by nothing more than a PERIOD. say I am John Smith. My address would have been JSmith@comcast. Well she made her address like J.Smith@comcast.

Who did Comcast send the new user greeting to? ME! (I was wondering about that)Who does Comcast send all the bounced mail to? ME! It appears my E-Doppleganger has been subscribing with personals services three so far, from bounced and misdirected mail I have been receiving.

I'd really like to know what others think about this. Personally I think that if Comcast cannot tell the difference, they should not have assigned what is essentially my own email address to someone else.

BTW all this has only been happening since August 13th when I received the first greeting from Comcast. I've had this account for 6mos. It's my opinion she must have opened her account about 2 weeks ago. I'll be very irritated if I am the one who has to change email addresses now. But even if I do keep this one, I'm going to get a lot more spam as a result of her activities.

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From: taraketola Date: September 1st, 2003 11:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
since you seem to know your way around computer ailments, is there such thing as a bug that would cause my computer to restart when i tell it to shut down?
fixx From: fixx Date: September 2nd, 2003 04:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes, but I don't see it very often.

In brief. It is not really completing shutdown but crashing. Regardless of windows version, my first advice would be to run Norton System Works, "windoctor" and allow it to fix all problems automatically. Please write that down. You don't need to run all the other stuff.

Unlike a lot of other DIY fixes, "windoctor" is really very harmless and at the same time very thorough.

If you do not already own "Norton System Works", please understand that you do NOT need the most recent version. Versions THREE years old will be just peachy! Versions as little as one year old can be purchased on the surplus market for as little as $10 !!

The reason for the radical price break is that "Norton System Works" (NSW)is often (always?) packaged with "Norton Anti Virus" and it is next to impossible to sell an old copy of that, even though the NAV update is only a FREE DOWNLOAD away :-)

If you do not have NSW and would like me to point you to a location for a best price, please let me know. Some versions costing slightly more have such features as "Goback" which I recommend to everyone.

If NSW does not fix your problem, and assuming you have been keeping your Anti Viral software up to date, and therefore do not have a virus, then there is only one likely cause I can think of. (at this time)

It is possible that you or someone you employed, reinstalled your OS, but that computer is one of the "Weirdo" varieties, which requires special care for such reinstalls. By "Weirdo" I generally mean "COMPAQ" although it is not necessarily the only offender.

Compaq is infamous for making not-entirely-compatible hardware. I mean, all motherboards made since about 1995 come with a "driver disk" (usually CD), but even without the use of that disk, the mobo rarely rejects an installation. Compaqs, on the other hand, can blow up in your face, which is why I recommend against them.

Considering that I am currently not even charging for my work (this may change in the future) you'd think people who know me would ask me before buying new hardware. If you have a compaq, understand that although a headache, it is not actually "bad" but please, keep me in mind for purchasing advice "next time".
fixx From: fixx Date: September 2nd, 2003 11:28 am (UTC) (Link)


It appears that whatever is happening to you may also be happening to me, and I don't know the cause. In the past hour BOTH of my computers displayed symptoms similar to those you described(networked together and sharing the same web connection.)

The first of the two, "Spike", when instructed to shut down, did shut down, and did so without locking up. Even though it is an ATX and ought to turn itself OFF it FAiLeD to turn itself off. Instead it displayed the message computers which do not turn themselves off do. "It is now safe to turn your computer off" or some such. the message stayed there for about 10 seconds and then the computer reset and started booting again.

Do you think that could describe what your computer did?

Then much more recently, my other computer, "Buffy", when instructed merely to "log off (current user)" instead of doing the sort of 'half shutdown and then reboot to windows', instead did a complete shutdown and power off.

Now even if you had not inquired, I would have considered either of my computers doing these things to be really odd, but given BOTH of them are acting strangely in the shutdown dept, and that you may have the same problem, I have no other choice but to take this seriously.

Although I update my NAV weekly, I expect to be spending the next hour or so at the Symantec site attempting to find out what virus could be causing this.

If you, or anyone else reading this, has a clue what could be causing this, please let me know here, as I too will reply with any results.
leanasidhe From: leanasidhe Date: September 2nd, 2003 07:51 am (UTC) (Link)
lol write this woman and see what's up...i had that same problem, about 6 years ago...and MY person tried to convince ME to give up MY email address! i was like, "um, hello, i had it FIRST!" lol she eventually changed hers, but we became friends.
fixx From: fixx Date: September 2nd, 2003 08:33 am (UTC) (Link)

Write to her!? (I don't know her email address --NOT!!)

Well as a matter of fact, most of what I wrote came as a result of writing to her, and receiving her reply. My next letter to her was longer and yet friendlier.

Her next reply was at least apologetic and explained her theory.

As it turns out she's sort of had the address LONGER than I have had mine, but, now get this, WITH ANOTHER ISP!!!

It seems Comcast gobbled up an isp called attbi.com, and then they did something incredibly shortsighted... they attempted to take all the attbi addresses and import them directly into comcast!!!

How incredibly stupid!

So my dot-doppelganger has already had to face contacting of her people and change her @ data from @attbi.com to @comcast.net, and now her mail is coming to ME!!

She's not particularly happy about this either. I am also guessing that some of the problems I've been having with my connection the last couple weeks may stem from some overlapping of service protocols or something. I suspect that what is happening is really not supposed to happen at all.

I've also contacted comcast and not one but TWO comcast reps told me that I am mistaken, that in fact the "bounces" I am receiving are the result of a worm. I finally got them to believe me when I had them look up the full name of the user of the ghost account. I understand they now believe me.

What Comcast ought to have done is what AOL did when it bought out compuserve. AOL created. CS.com which they nicknamed "compuserve 2000" but which was in fact simply AOL with a new domain name to handle all the new addresses. This gave users of the old and decreasingly supported "compuserve" time to make arrangements where to move on from there, without inconveniencing AOL users in the manner that comcast is currently inconveniencing me
leanasidhe From: leanasidhe Date: September 2nd, 2003 10:36 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Write to her!? (I don't know her email address --NOT!!)

you know, this is all pretty funny...even if it's annoying!! so are you thinking of changing your email address?
fixx From: fixx Date: September 2nd, 2003 11:12 am (UTC) (Link)

My email address! Mine! Mine! Mine!

No way!

I had this address first at comcast. If Attbi bought comcast and they moved my address over to attbi and it bumped into a comcast address I wouldn't ask a pre-existing address to change its name on my account.

BTW, in my last letter to my DOTpulganger, I offered a "legitimate" reason she might want to change addresses. Seems between her actual first name and her last name as part of the address she's unusually findable. I mean bigfoot white pages. There's only one of her to be found, anywhere.

Me? put my first and last names in and you STILL can't find me. Remember this girl's advertizing herself with online dating services? Think about this, with all the psycho men out there, would you want to essentially give your home address to every lonely stranger you met? Correct me, but I seem to recall reading that the number one cause of death for women like 25-45 was like crazy boyfriends or exes or something. Don't take that for gospel, the number is pretty high anyway, and if I was really worried about it I might look it up.

I feel it is important she realize her last name ought not be part of her email address. I just hope she's smart enough to realize my good intentions and not call me a psycho jerk for looking her up in the first place.

Now that would be funny... I guess.

leanasidhe From: leanasidhe Date: September 2nd, 2003 11:27 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: My email address! Mine! Mine! Mine!

do keep us updated :p
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