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How Fred of FSG has abused both my privacy & my rights - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort. — LiveJournal
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
How Fred of FSG has abused both my privacy & my rights
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fixx From: fixx Date: July 20th, 2006 05:54 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: You are pulling things out of his LJ.

But from what i understand he did not put your name in his LJ. You outed your self.

If what you are suggesting is that I revealed that I am the person he was posting about, you have a point. Fred should have told you that I tried to have him remove that post of his from view before it had gone this far.

You may also feel that had I not made a fuss about it, that many of Fred's friends would not know that I was the guy in the story. You are correct, but I don't care as much about Fred's friends as my own. This is why when I became aware of his post I went over his head to the President of the FSA and explained how his action constituted an invasion of my privacy.

Fred's actions liabled the FSA because he was acting in an official capacity when he was working the security detail. The President wrote back to me that she officially ordered him to delete the post. Had Fred done that we would not be having this discussion right now. Fred refused this official administrative FSA order.

Fred's post essentially liabled FSA. Fred's refusal does not excuse the FSA regardless of whether he holds office. Fred clearly does not have the capacity to understand the concepts needed for administrative work; Concepts such as confidentiality and liable.

You appear to suggest that because he omitted my name that he did not reveal my identity. To anyone who met me at FSG, he certainly did reveal my identity. You only need to understand just two things:

1) It was my right not to share the details with everyone at FSG. To most, I only said I had been into the hospital and so missed many of the events of Saturday night.

2) Fred revealed personal details of the injury, that I was the only adult male to go to the hospital that day, the day of the occurence, the location (FSG) and even the approximate time of day.

I have the right to tell my friends that I went to the hospital. Fred does not have the right to reveal so many of the details of my injury that anyone who knew I went to the hospital that night also knows why.

Fred is obligated both by his contract with the FSA to protect the privacy of other FSA members. In security work, if you can't be discreet you don't get to play.

It is too late now, the damage is done. His post was already a week old at the time I noticed and complained about it. Some people might not have noticed by then. Now it is a month old and the debate is public. What Fred did to me can no longer be rectified by deletion of that one LJ entry. Hanging over me is the knowledge that as long as Fred continues to hold his positions as VP of FSA and Security Staffer of FSG, this is likely to happen again, even if not to me.

And because he did not put your name in his LJ you have no case?

You and Fred appear to be the only people who don't seem to think so. Even friends of his who tell me they innately like Fred, admit that what he did was completely inappropriate and unacceptable for anyone, but most especially a VP.

I believe that Fred should *never* again be employed as "security", or hold any other position where discretion is required. I believe that Fred's actions would cause any responsible person to agree.

so why are you doing this are you that lonely??

I am doing this because I love FSG and wish to protect it from people who don't respect the privacy of others. I am doing this because I am hurt and wish to protect others from being similarly hurt.

The first thing reading Fred entry did was cause me to have flashbacks to one of the most upsetting nights of my life. Due to his actions I've had to discuss this and in doing so prolong the feeling of terror. Knowing that Fred is the reason I must continue to discuss this, refreshes my feeling of anger toward him as well as my resolve to see that this *never* happens again.

If Fred had deleted the entry three weeks ago I might have put this behind me. Now, instead, I feel I have a mission.
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