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How Fred of FSG has abused both my privacy & my rights - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
How Fred of FSG has abused both my privacy & my rights
I am making this entry public so that Fred or anyone who knows Fred can read this and respond if they have anything to offer. This may include sympathy or even shared stories of similar experiences with him. I refuse to believe I'm the only one... In fact I already know I'm not! You may speak freely, all responses are screened.

Last evening I was accused by *two* third parties of refusing to speak directly to Fred, the guy who took personal information about me gained through his work at FSG and posted it without permission on his LJ. The entry was "friend's locked", which theoretically should have been acceptable had he acquired it via social means under ordinary circumstances

Unfortunately he did not acquire it via "Normal Means" or under ordinary circumstances. Normal means would be social. This was not social. He was working as an FSA "Security Staff Member" As such he was there to assist me with a medical emergency and in that case get me to a hospital. This also was not "Ordinary Circumstances". Ordinary circumstances would be in the home, at the mall, or a public park. This was FSG, a place where people often wear little or no clothing and the taking of photographs requires explicit permission. Beyond that I've always been given the impression that there is at the very least an understanding of sorts similar to swinger or BDSM clubs that what occurs there should not be discussed outside of the event. Feel free to correct or confirm this.

People such as EMTs, cops, doctors, nurses, and accountants AND SECURITY GUARDS who are exposed to the personal information of their clients must respect the "confidentiality" of this information as off-limits for personal gain or even gossip or they risk prosecution. Posting it in his LJ would get him fired from ANY of those occupations if it were discovered. As an FSA member and FSG attendee I would prefer to think that a reasonable degree of professionalism would go along the title of "Security Staff Member". Ask yourself, if you would feel the same way about going to FSG if you *knew* there were people reporting on the activities of other attendees in their live journals? How would you feel if the information shared there were gathered in an official capacity?

I wish to make it clear to anyone else who has been told this that Fred has not contacted me. If he says he has, that means he either has my email address wrong or he's lying.

The last time Fred made an effort to talk to me I gave him my full attention and it was not about this. That very last time I talked to him was the very last day of FSG when he ordered me not to ride my electric scooter at FSG. This was incredibly bad timing. In addition to the chronic arthritis which is usually worse when I'm doing much bending and lifting as I would be doing that day, I also had a fairly serious abdominal injury from the previous day that made walking especially painful and tiring.

I've since been informed that in ordering me not to ride my scooter, not only did he inconvenience someone he fully knew needed to use it, but he also broke the law by denying me my rights under the ADA. Even beyond that he was exceeding his authority granted him as the Vice President of the FSA. I have since come to learn he does not have the power to ban scooters or bicycles or roller-skates or anything from FSG, and currently all those things are being ridden there. Yet in spite of the obvious fallacies of his reasoning, I heard him out and more importantly I did not argue with him EVEN WHEN I KNEW HE WAS WRONG.

I've been informed that Fred is considered by his friends, too pure, too naive, too genuine to be as manipulative as he appears from my brief experiences with him. I could almost believe he's too stupid to know he violated my right to privacy with his entry in his LJ, but if he's so "good" why has he not deleted or made private that entry in his LJ now that he has been countless times been made aware of it through channels? I believe it is probably at least partly his pride. What I find contradictory is this claim that Fred is not the least bit "manipulative", as I understand that his excuse which he is currently telling his friends, is that he will only make the entry private if I talk to him about it directly. CLUE: *THAT* IS itself a form of manipulation!

Hi, I'd like to talk to Britney Spears please? She won't talk to me? OK I'll post libelous claims about her in my live journal until she talks to me.

For anyone who cannot recognize it, I'll just tell you, that's not just manipulation, that's definable as duress, extortion or coercion, take your pick.

For most of the past week I've been beside myself over this, so much so that I've actually irritated a few friends. Now I'm finally calming down. Where as previously I felt concerned more about him taking it down and taking him to court if necessary to force him to do so, at this point I realize that everyone who was going to see it has seen it already. Legally I still have a case if I choose to prosecute, but there's less to be accomplished and there are other issues at hand. That single instance of the invasion of my privacy is *not* my only concern regarding Fred.

I'm concerned he will do it again and I'm also concerned that he may harass me again as he did at FSG. In the time I was at FSG Fred harassed me several times and beyond a point it appeared to be personal

The following is the *nearly* complete list of my complaints, since apparently there are some people who are not yet convinced this man abuses his power (or overtaxes his brain). The remainder of my issues focus on perceived safety issues regarding OTHER people I perceived him to affect, but for a variety of reasons I'd prefer to keep all my complaints on my side of the fence.

(1) When I was attempting to bring a woman's purse to her when she needed to go to the hospital. I'd been assigned this task by another staff member, Fred called after me ordering me to stop. The purse contained insurance information she'd surely need. Probably as a result of his order, I was initially stopped and detained behind the ambulance. When it was revealed what I was doing I was sent on to the front of the ambulance where an FSA trustee and another staffer THANKED me for doing this.

(2) That night when I discovered while taking a shower that I was more seriously injured from an earlier fall than I'd previously assumed, Fred was among those who were called to the cabin I was taking my shower in. I'd only brought my toiletries and my shorts with me and they were dirty so as I came out expecting him to give me a ride to my tent for my street clothes. Instead of cooperating smoothly, Fred instead stopped dead in his tracks and insisted he could not take me to the hospital like that, that I'd "need to put on some clothes first". How nice of him to tell me that? I suppose if I had no clothes at all or if I were too badly injured he'd have left me there to bleed to death?

(3) The following morning after breakfast he and another staffer, a woman who I am told was probably "Kate", ordered me not to ride my scooter at all on the basis "you could fall on a child". He even forbid me to ride it to the parking area to get my car. I was camped near the pool house but when I walked down there to use the bathrooms I was informed they were locked. This meant that I had a much longer hike in order to go to the bathroom or get water and with my previous injuries walking itself was painful. All the walking that I could have avoided that day, all that additional physical stress was entirely due to his illegitimate and illegal order not to ride the scooter for the safety of children. [Somehow I forgot to include here that not only did he order me to stop riding the scooter I brought in 2006, but he also told me not to bring one the following year. When I inquired in more stodgy Handicap-variety designs he expressly forbid those as well!]

(4) While wrapping up packing, and just before loading my car, I took the opportunity to turn on my laptop before packing it up and plugged my GPS/PDA into it to synch so that I would not have another catastrophic failure like the complete data loss I had earlier at FSG. Fred most have been watching me because before the screen came up that said that Windows 2000 was loading, Fred rode up on his golf cart and ordered me to turn off the computer an get back to work. After our previous interactions I was sure this was personal but I really wasn't up to a major argument. I replied, "I'm not "using" the laptop, I'm Booting the laptop to synch my PDA, it only takes five minutes" Again he ordered "stop using the computer". I replied, "I'm not *using* it in the *classic* sense, I'm not doing email or typing a document I'm just *synching* my PDA." He started up again and rambled "Every minute you use that computer you aren't packing!" I shot back, "Then I'm _Packing_DATA_!". He refused to move along and sat there in his golf cart staring at me like some sort of a showdown. I stood my ground and waited for the laptop to finish booting. I timed it, synching the PDA took exactly 40 seconds. The shutdown took about 15 seconds more. The entire operation took *under* 5 minutes. Normally I might have stepped away from it to complete its booting and done something else useful but not with him mad and hovering like that.

(5) A full week after returning home I discovered someone named papabear008 had friended me, apparently in the previous few hours. I had no idea who this person was, but assumed it was probably one of the many people who I had given my LJ handle to. While attempting to identify the person I found an LJ entry regarding FSG. To my shock and horror I discovered that this LJ entry, which was written not even three hours after the incident with the laptop (unless he backdated his LJ), contained an exaggerated and humiliating report regarding my medical emergency of the night before. I realized that for just over seven days this report was in a friends locked post visible to ANYONE he friended, whether or not they were FSG security personnel. I wasn't sure at first, because he posted that he took me to the hospital, and the person who did that was... [Edit: ... certainly female. It would seem I was pretty out if it because I thought she was "Sabina" but I've not been told it was "Pam"]. Fred only took me as far as the parking area, so briefly I considered the possibility she had done this. Overall though it seemed more likely the culprit was Fred... And sadly I was correct.

In closing
I'm neither "Refusing" to talk to Fred directly, nor am I volunteering to. He was out of line in most of his interactions with me and considering this I have a right to deal with this "through channels" if I wish or even through an attorney if that pleases me. The suggestion that by not addressing him directly I'm somehow being disrespectful or abusive is ludicrous! For the most part my posts about him have been Friends-Locked. My posts reveal nothing "personal" about him except for stories about he has abused me. I know his full legal name, his email and IM, even his home telephone number, but I've not posted it. To suggest I'm somehow *harrassing* him by merely addressing his misdeeds as they have directly affected me is simply unfair. How can you even loosely compare what he did to me with the manner I have chosen to reciprocate?

Even if you believe, as others have suggested, that what he did was not born of malice but of stupidity and ignorance, then you need to consider if it is responsible to place someone *that* stupid or ignorant in a position of power, and ask yourself how he became voted into the role of VP in the first place. We are given the right to vote (or rather sold it with our FSA membership). If we use our votes irresponsibly then we are responsible for the outcome.

Several people, mainly friends of Fred, have tried to turn this around and say that my difficulties with Fred constitutes a private matter between Fred and I and should not be considered the concern of FSG/FSA. I don't see how any responsible person could say that. If Fred has a personal problem with me that has caused him to use abuse his power to harass me, that certainly involves the FSG/FSA administration.

At this time I'd really prefer not to deal with him directly at all, although I'm a little bit curious what he thinks he could possibly say that would ease my mind about any of this.

If you had any similar experiences with FSG staff, even if you aren't sure if it was Fred, or even if you are sure it wasn't, please feel free to share them here or write me privately at Fixx@livejounal.com

It has just been pointed out to me that Fred has posted that he is setting up filters in his LJ. Unfortunately if you go look at what he posts about doing so, he has a filter for everything EXCEPT for the FSG security staff, meaning that the post about me will be sifted into one of the others and as such still potentially viewed by people outside its ranks.

Be sure not to miss his final comment in that entry either. Apparently he now feels he needs someone to stop "wrighting" about him. Excuse me? He wrote about me first! I did nothing to him and he wrote about me. I don't write about him to make fun of him... Not that it would be difficult. I write about what he has done to me, and what he continues to do to me!


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From: (Anonymous) Date: July 7th, 2006 01:20 am (UTC) (Link)


I understand your outrage at the treatment you have received. At times some of the staff have acted less then professional with people. I hope that you will keep in mind that the staff is only a very small part of the experience of Free Spirit. I am not staff nor would I want to be, but there are many staffers that are great compassionate human beings. I would just hate for a few bad experiences ruin what could be a great experience.

I do want to correct you on one point. "Sabina" I don't know who that is but you were taken to the hospital by Pam. In her grey van, she waited with you and came back to the camp with you and a few others. If you would like more information about her, she is on the Freespiritforum list.

I hope that we will see you again.
fixx From: fixx Date: July 7th, 2006 03:46 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: understandable

Please do not misunderstand me. I know that the majority of staffers are hard working and caring people. I am even told that Fred himself is a very "caring" person, even if he is so hamfisted about expressing his caring nature that even his friends have to apologize for him, excusing his actions as being born of stupidity and ignorance.

This does not change the fact that the behavior of some of the staffers, most especially Fred, have driven away some of the coolest people ever to attend FSG, and have angered many of those who remain. I'm honestly afraid that if FSG continues on its present course, the antisocial behavior of these staffers will negate the sort of positive energy we have come to appreciate at FSG.

I had SIX of the worst experiences EVER with FSG staffers in the last 24 yours I was at FSG, and FIVE of those experiences involved Fred in some significant manner. During the last 24 hours of FSG, Fred appeared to be showing me more than my share of attention. This suggests, but does not necessarily prove, this was his inappropriate way of settling some sort of personal issue of which I'm not at all aware.

Right now, Fred has even more to be angry about because I've addressed this matter formally. Please explain to me why I should not assume that Fred will be just as abusive next year if not even worse?

As for Pam, I've corrected my post. It is my recollection that Sabina was also there, and maybe I'm hallucinating but I thought she was among those who rode back with us. I'm sure that there were five people in the van on the return trip and only two of us were patients.

PS: Considering LJ is FREE and easy to use, is there a reason you have not created an account, or are you posting anonymously in order to mask your identity? If you wish to tell me who you are or remind me of having met you at FSG, you can email me privately at fixx @ livejournal.com
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 8th, 2006 12:13 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: understandable

We did not formally meet at FSG. I saw you with your solar scooter from time to time. I read what was going on and just wanted you to know that someone understands and even agrees with you on a lot of your points.

I had a run in of my own 2 years ago with a staff member and took quick action. When confronted the staff member was quick to apologize and his attitude changed. I do understand that has not happened in your case and it should have.

Some of the staff have what I call the God/Goddess Complex and they think just because they are on the staff they can do anything and treat anyone how they want. But that comes with consequences and they will learn what they are soon enough.

From: (Anonymous) Date: July 19th, 2006 08:29 pm (UTC) (Link)

You are pulling things out of his LJ.

Should you discover that a LiveJournal user is infringing upon your copyright, you may file official notification of such infringement. Upon receipt of a valid notification, LiveJournal will promptly take steps to disable access to the infringing material.

In order to be valid, a notification must include the following elements:

An electronic signature (your full legal name) of a person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder;
Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed, in the form of the original URL of the image or work being infringed upon;
Identification of the material that is infringing upon your copyright, with reasonable information for LiveJournal to locate the material (you must include the username of the person who is infringing upon your copyright, and links to the allegedly infringing material);
Information reasonably sufficient for LiveJournal to contact you (a valid email address);
A statement that you in good faith believe that the material is not authorized for use in such a manner;
And finally, a statement, made under penalty of perjury, that the information given is accurate and you are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder.
This notification must be sent to the LiveJournal Abuse Team (LiveJournal's Designated Agent under the DMCA) to be processed. You may do so by visiting the Report Abuse form and following the directions given there. Further information regarding LiveJournal's DMCA procedures may be found in this FAQ.

Please be aware that you could be liable for damages (which could also include attorneys' fees) if you materially misrepresent a claim that content is infringing upon your copyright.
fixx From: fixx Date: July 19th, 2006 11:00 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: You are pulling things out of his LJ.

You are pulling things out of his LJ

You don't honestly expect LJ to respect my having quoted the nonsense word "Wrighting" as infringing upon his copyright? Of course maybe you do. I will wait to hear from LJ about that.

Or perhaps you are suggesting that by having others look at what he posts in his LJ that somehow that constitutes copyright infringement?

Or maybe you are suggesting that by having people who know more than I do about medical privacy law look at what Fred posted in his LJ to qualify it as an infringement of my medical privacy, I've somehow tried to represent his work as my own?

If you could actually apply "copyright infringement" to any of this I'd honestly be impressed. However, trying to intimidate me by threatening to do so does not speak well to the worthiness of your cause.

Mr or Mrs Anonymous, I would advise you to take off your white hood and put down your cross. These tactics won't work here.
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 20th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: You are pulling things out of his LJ.

You don't honestly expect LJ to respect my having quoted the nonsense word "Wrighting" as infringing upon his copyright? No i don't.

But from what i understand he did not put your name in his LJ?? You outed your self.

And because he did not put your name in his LJ you have no case? as you say You are spinning your wheels.

so why are you doing this are you that lonely??
fixx From: fixx Date: July 20th, 2006 05:54 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: You are pulling things out of his LJ.

But from what i understand he did not put your name in his LJ. You outed your self.

If what you are suggesting is that I revealed that I am the person he was posting about, you have a point. Fred should have told you that I tried to have him remove that post of his from view before it had gone this far.

You may also feel that had I not made a fuss about it, that many of Fred's friends would not know that I was the guy in the story. You are correct, but I don't care as much about Fred's friends as my own. This is why when I became aware of his post I went over his head to the President of the FSA and explained how his action constituted an invasion of my privacy.

Fred's actions liabled the FSA because he was acting in an official capacity when he was working the security detail. The President wrote back to me that she officially ordered him to delete the post. Had Fred done that we would not be having this discussion right now. Fred refused this official administrative FSA order.

Fred's post essentially liabled FSA. Fred's refusal does not excuse the FSA regardless of whether he holds office. Fred clearly does not have the capacity to understand the concepts needed for administrative work; Concepts such as confidentiality and liable.

You appear to suggest that because he omitted my name that he did not reveal my identity. To anyone who met me at FSG, he certainly did reveal my identity. You only need to understand just two things:

1) It was my right not to share the details with everyone at FSG. To most, I only said I had been into the hospital and so missed many of the events of Saturday night.

2) Fred revealed personal details of the injury, that I was the only adult male to go to the hospital that day, the day of the occurence, the location (FSG) and even the approximate time of day.

I have the right to tell my friends that I went to the hospital. Fred does not have the right to reveal so many of the details of my injury that anyone who knew I went to the hospital that night also knows why.

Fred is obligated both by his contract with the FSA to protect the privacy of other FSA members. In security work, if you can't be discreet you don't get to play.

It is too late now, the damage is done. His post was already a week old at the time I noticed and complained about it. Some people might not have noticed by then. Now it is a month old and the debate is public. What Fred did to me can no longer be rectified by deletion of that one LJ entry. Hanging over me is the knowledge that as long as Fred continues to hold his positions as VP of FSA and Security Staffer of FSG, this is likely to happen again, even if not to me.

And because he did not put your name in his LJ you have no case?

You and Fred appear to be the only people who don't seem to think so. Even friends of his who tell me they innately like Fred, admit that what he did was completely inappropriate and unacceptable for anyone, but most especially a VP.

I believe that Fred should *never* again be employed as "security", or hold any other position where discretion is required. I believe that Fred's actions would cause any responsible person to agree.

so why are you doing this are you that lonely??

I am doing this because I love FSG and wish to protect it from people who don't respect the privacy of others. I am doing this because I am hurt and wish to protect others from being similarly hurt.

The first thing reading Fred entry did was cause me to have flashbacks to one of the most upsetting nights of my life. Due to his actions I've had to discuss this and in doing so prolong the feeling of terror. Knowing that Fred is the reason I must continue to discuss this, refreshes my feeling of anger toward him as well as my resolve to see that this *never* happens again.

If Fred had deleted the entry three weeks ago I might have put this behind me. Now, instead, I feel I have a mission.
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