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An Inconvenient Movie - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
An Inconvenient Movie
Minutes ago I posted to a mailing list of some VERY intelligent people, the following argument for taking the global warming issue seriously, in the face of a couple of people who appeared to still be dismissing it. It is not a comprehensive argument in of itself, rather it is more of a fallback argument to dissmiss nay-sayers. You might find it to be a good read.

I know I'm going to regret this.

I can hardly believe who is doubting Global Warming now. 20 years ago it seemed like the political issues of a fringe few. As few as 10 years ago it might have seemed reasonably debatable It isn't as if scientists have not been able to track the presence of atmospheric greenhouse gasses frozen for thousands of years in the arctic ice. Can we say absolutely that there is no connection between our pollutants and global warming. Maybe not absolutely but can we afford to be wrong and what are the consequences if we are wrong?

Suppose *you* lived in Florida, or Manhattan, or Venice, many island nations, (I won't even mention New Orleans -oops). Suppose a home that had stood in your family for generations was threatened. Suppose this were only about flooding, and not about killing life in the oceans.

Suppose solar cycles were responsible for the largest climactic changes known in recorded history, something I'm not expressing doubt about. Examples:

1) in the past few thousand years, the pyramids standing in a lush valley, not a dessert,
2) more recently in the past few hundred years, the citizens of London skating on the Thames which used to freeze had enough to do so.

Suppose this all means that even without humans, without petroleum, cars and industry the earth was supposed to be running a bit hotter over the past few centuries and next few centuries. That alone might suggest that *some* real estate purchases might not seem so intelligent anyway, right?

Now suppose now that increased greenhouse gasses has increased the *rate* and severity of these climactic changes. I'm not saying it has, but go along with me for he moment. Suddenly a home that might have had to deal with a damp basement and some cracks in its foundation is instead underwater.

For the population whose homes are still above water I see two problems.

1) preexisting overpopulation doubling up on itself and an overburdened real estate market becoming even more ridiculous

2) Increased DEMAND for power to run air conditioning for people in the warmer climates requiring even more dependence on fossil fuels to cool their homes resulting in more greenhouse gasses compounding an unsolvable problem*.

Provided of course that the greenhouse gasses are a contributing factor. If they aren't it is STILL ugly. If they are you better make sure your offspring get into the space program because they won't have much of a future here on Earth.

So you see even to the very limited perspective I have portrayed here, EVEN if we *aren't* causing the problem there are some major lifestyle changes that will have to be made if the world only remains on its apparent course.

I find it very depressing that in a community with such intelligent minds as we have here that if WE are this divided about this now, there's no chance of effecting a major political change in this country where sometimes it seems that half the population believes all well be well if we only pray hard enough, enforce prayer in schools and "reform" homosexuals.
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