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Geico employs way too many idiots - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort. — LiveJournal
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Geico employs way too many idiots
My Latest Rant about Geico
I received a notice from Geico today that my mother, who is recently deceased but that is irrelevant for this story, is a co-owner on all three of my cars, but is not currently insured by Geico, and that this irregularity requires me to fill out a questionnaire.

My response was to call the Geico underwriter who had issued this letter to me and leave a message on her voice mail that when I opened the policy this was already the case, that my mother had stopped driving under a previous Geico policy under which I had been previously insured and that at the time she stopped driving she was required to sign a Geico form that she would not drive any cars insured by Geico.

In the voice mail message I was rather sarcastic pointing out that my mother was also DEAD and as such unlikely to drive any of my cars either and I sarcastically requested they simply write it off and forget about it. I also gave my phone number but I honestly did not expect a return call.

Today the Geico underwriter called me back. She wasn’t quite as apologetic as the five other Geico idiots I’ve had to deal with about one mistake or another they had made. Actually she stands out as the ONLY Geico rep who wasn’t apologetic at all. I guess they wore out all the sympathetic employees already and she’s what’s left.

Her explanation is that they don’t keep records about what they discover about a policy so it is all new to them every six months when policies come up for renewal. I told her that they should, and unless Geico wants to be regarded as a laughing stock, they’d better change the way the record such data. She added that the signed document applied only to the previous policy, but as I recall the way it was originally written by Geico, my mother was signing to signify that she was aware that she was forbidden to drive *ANY* cars insured by Geico, and considering that the cars were the same and the family members were the same, I think it would have been stupid for Geico to lose such a document.

I also went on to share that my new SO, Teresa, is no longer insured by Geico and that what ended it for her was a similar “data error” It appears that she had been living in one part of Delaware with her parents and then moved 80 miles away to take a job only 5 miles or so from her new home and that by doing so she had qualified for some “short run commuter discount”. The rep was familiar with this discount. Then after a year or so, Geico suddenly rescinded this discount claiming she did not qualify for it because she was back and living with her parents... but she wasn’t, and Geico was totally retarded about accepting the truth that they had simply lost her new address and replaced it with the old one, instead choosing to all but call her a liar.

My Older Rant about Geico
When I originally opened my account they cancelled it THREE times, once because one of the cars I was trying to insured wasn’t even half owned by me at the time, which was correct at the time and another time because, NONE of my cars were even half owned by me, which was totally incorrect and the idiot who told me that was a lot more stubborn than most.

As near as I can figure, Geico and Comcast are putting money into advertising that is needed elsewhere.

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