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Politically Disturbing Nightmare - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort. — LiveJournal
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Politically Disturbing Nightmare
I dreampt I was arrested for "Drug Trafficking" under some new ZERO-TOLLERANCE law, which smacks of some real life stories I’ve heard of High School students who have been suspended or even expelled for supposed infractions which can only be conceived of by gross exaggerations or even manipulations of the letter of the law.

In the dream I was pulled over in my for speeding or something and the officer inquired as to whether I was on any "drugs" and I answered honestly, “only prescription”. He then insisted I produce these drugs and was disturbed that I was not carrying them in the original prescription bottles. I explained they are too bulky. He let me go but reported on the ticket that I was taking drugs while speeding.

Then in a later incident I was out on a bicycle (something that with my asthma, I can only do when the air is remarkably fresh and through medication my arthritis and allergies are held at bay). In this continuing dream, I had stopped to talk to friends and drink some water and take some pills, in this case both aspirin and an antistamine and it is not entirely clear to me if I was simply commenting to my friends I was doing this or if they begged any off me.

By the dream's end I was arrested under this "Zero Tollerance" law, not only for taking and trafficking in drugs, (for carrying them in traffic and seen taking them in the presence of friends) but actually for "peddling" drugs because I was pedaling a bicycle while doing so.

OK that’s a pretty weird dream, and a year ago I'd have said that there is no way that this could happen to an adult in this country, but the way things are going I think that it might if idiots like Bush remain in office.

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