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Who wants a part of me now, a shipping company? - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Who wants a part of me now, a shipping company?
First an alcoholic painter, then the Amish, then H&R block, finally a shipping company.

In short, **not** Fedex. No, it wasn’t Fedex. I had to ship a package and asked Teresa if she could ship it for me when she went out shopping. The address I gave her was on a road she knew but she did not recognize it. So when she was doing some grocery shopping she noticed the "Parcel Plus" store next door had a "Fedex" sign in the window, so she entered and explained that she had never shipped anything fedex before.

Fifty Dollars Later....

I contacted Fedex and asked if stores which are apparently *not* Fedex authorized shippers are allowed to charge that much of a markup... well apparently not. Fedex is sending me a coupon for $20 and is going to investigate the practices of that particular "Parcel Plus". Apparently they have a department dedicated to this.

I also learned from Fedex that they recently acquired "Kinko’s", a chain that often has Fedex shipping offices within anyway, but NOW they are going to allow you to ship your package anytime 24 hours. The pickup times won’t change, but if it is 2am, you have a package to mail and you just can’t sleep, you can go to Kinko’s and get it over with.

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