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I "upgraded" my Garmin iQue GPS/PDA this evening - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
I "upgraded" my Garmin iQue GPS/PDA this evening
Most people would assume that meant I turned it in on a newer fancier unit. The truth is not nearly that simple. Twice this evening it locked up. First with weird code errors and later it would crash every time I tried to do a search. Even a hard reset/wipe would not fix it and unfortunately the hardest reset, disconnecting the battery requires opening the unit. Then again I needed to replace the battery and that's where the "upgrade" comes in.

Earlier this morning I looked up sources for the battery and priced it at $29 plus shipping but I'd not even ordered it so the timing was difficult. I had some batteries removed from cell phone battery packs purchased at VERY low prices from a couple of surplus companies which I had been hoping would fit, but I wasn't too optimistic. The original battery was 3.7v 900ma. The batteries I hoped to add were 3.7v 1440ma, in the form of two 720ma batteries hard wired in parallel. I was hoping I could get both batteries in but if I couldn't I could at least install one battery and even a 720ma would work better than my sick and dying two year old 900ma.

The installation was SO tight that after covering the battery with a small amount of tape it no longer fit. I had to trim the tape back to the bare essentials just enough to cover the conductors and any sharp edges. Even then it was snug. If this works, if these surplus company battery packs are healthy, then the run-time of my PDA will be half again that of when it was new and it was really quite impressive then (in pda mode, not in GPS mode which uses a lot of power). Probably upward of twenty times of what it has been lately.

Have I fixed the locking up problem? Maybe, maybe not. For all I know it is corrupted software or a virus so I am going to have to do some testing before I synch back it's installation.


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