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Revisiting Dirty Bombs and Depleted Uranium - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Revisiting Dirty Bombs and Depleted Uranium
As you probably already know, "Dirty bombs" are what we fear. We "fear" that a "terrorist" might set off a relatively small bomb somewhere in the USA peppered with hazardous radioactive material that remains dangerous for generations after the bomb explodes. What you may not know is that the countless tons of "Depleted Uranium" we have peppered Afghanistan and Iraq with is a larger a crime against humanity than any bomb that is likely to be detonated within our borders. You might ask, "If Depleted Uranium is so dangerous, why would we use it in a country we were supposedly trying to free?" Why indeed.

This link explains a lot about Depleted Uranium and why everyone on both sides of the war debate needs to be made aware of it.

I consider this just another example of how a lot of things about this war just don't make any sense, but my reason for bringing it up right now regards the health effects not only to the Civilians of Iraq both now and after we eventually pull out of Iraq but also for our soldiers stationed there.

I frequently claim that I am opposed to the current war, and of course I am. I was divided about going into Afghanistan because I was at least already aware that it had some serious problems. I was just uncertain as to whether our invasion might not actually make things worse.

At the time of that that war and before we invaded Iraq, I became aware that we were using so-called "Depleted Uranium" weaponry. As soon as I found out I posted my an alert to a huge geek mailing list to which I still subscribe. Many of the greatest minds there truly believed that "Depleted Uranium" was though toxic, no more radioactive than lead. They had been "mis-lead" (pun intended) as "Depleted Uranium" is several times more radioactive than the raw Uranium Ore they pull out of the ground and even that stuff isn't good for you.

You may hope that your friends stationed there come back alive, and they may, but they may have inhaled enough "Depleted Uranium" dust to kill them after they return home. Even if you considered yourself in favor of the war up until today, I hope this information causes you to reconsider that position.

PS. If you know of any Iraq, Afghanistan or even Desert Storm veterans who you believe to be living near me, I'd be interested in taking geiger counter readings of themselves and anything they may have brought back, just for my own edification. How accurate will my results be? Well, I cannot measure how much damage may have been done by external exposure but I ought to be able to read the radioactivity of any matter they inhaled or ingested that has become trapped in their bodies. Most physicians don't even own the equipment to even know if their patients are radioactive. In general, humans ought to be less radioactive than the red bricks my house is constructed from. If they are only as radioactive as my house is, I'll know.


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