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Which are you more afraid of: A "switch" or a "blade" ? - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Which are you more afraid of: A "switch" or a "blade" ?
Anyone who has grown up on American crime dramas knows what a "switchblade" looks like. It has a handle. You press a button and a blade swings out. It is scary because it is sharp and it represents violence because its concealable design makes it possible for thugs to hide them and then make them lethal in seconds flat.

The following picture shows a device made by Audi for operating a car. It is cute. It is a little box like the alarm key fob that most cars have today. You press one button and it open your trunk. You press another button and it unlocks your doors. You press a third button to relock your doors. Finally a fourth, but differently styled, button causes a cute little key with not a single sharp edge on it to swing out.

[original image not working]

Does that look scary to you? No? Well as the following articles explain, American airports are confiscating them as lethal weapons, even though they don't confiscate NORMAL car keys. Why? Because of the lethal "switchblade" design.

America was way behind Europe in Airport security prior to 9/11. I sincerely doubt that even since 9/11 German airports are confiscating Audi keyfob switch-keys because they function in any way like a switchblade. This thing wouldn't scare a five year old and would probably be the last thing a potential terrorist would consider using to hijack an airliner.

If I wanted to produce a knife-like device on an airplane, I wouldn't use a anything this dorky. I'd use a key and some some emory cloth I'd hide under the insole of my shoe. I'd go to to the bathroom and wet-sand the key to a razor edge. Now that's scary, cost-effective *and* concealable, all of which terrorists appear to like. Only James Bond would look to bring down an aircraft with a $300 fancy keyfob with buttons.

Oh and guess what you have to do to get your car out of the airport when you come back from your trip? You have to have it towed away and then pay your dealership $300 to replace the thing.

Can you say STUPID?

Story links:
A site with even better photos of the offending "key" which I cannot link to for the pictures

Another article verifying this is not a hoax


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heart_open From: heart_open Date: November 18th, 2005 03:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow. Could this country and many of it's citizens be any more ignorant? Just when I thought I knew the answer to this question, I find a post such as this...

Now, ask me again why I don't want kids. Go ahead. I dare you. *snicker*
fixx From: fixx Date: November 19th, 2005 01:23 am (UTC) (Link)
That story makes me want to make a fake switchblade entirely out of wood or plastic eith fake metal-look ends painted silver and matching silver button on the handle.

It won't have any blade, not inside it, not coming out of it, just the handle. It can be hung on a keyring and called a "key fob" I can sell these to people who like to waste time in airports. The airport security folks can attempt to explain how it is "switchblade style" then if it has no moving metal parts.
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