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Laws for the common good - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Laws for the common good
When the individual misses the point that laws must serve the common good and not the selfish desire, well, that's normal, when lawmakers fail to think that way, it's a disaster.

I'm coming to realize that even in generally progressive minded places like LJ and OKCupid I'm actually in the minority when I oppose the death penalty. Why? I suspect most people don't stop to realize that juries are more likely to maximize their doubt about the guilt of the accused if they fear that their error might result in the death of that person.

Most people who claim to be "pro choice" only feel so because they would prefer that women have that option. They and those who wish to make abortion illegal rarely mention the previously more often mentioned "safe and legal" aspect which reminds us that when abortion is made illegal, and judging from the mess with the supreme court it is pretty obvious it soon will be, women will still get abortions, and many will die as a result, but as they say that's pro-life!

Alcohol is hardly a necessity, but prohibition was ended because lawmakers recognized that the social and financial cost of trying to ban alcohol was higher than the cost of regulating it.

At the rate religious fanatics are moving to makeover America to better suit their faith, it is not so difficult to imagine that one day divorce itself will again be against the law for everyone regardless of their faith or sexual preference (I'm not saying it ever was in *this* country, but it certainly has been in the past, and is not an accepted option among some religions practiced here). When that day comes there will be an increased number of murders and mysterious deaths of married people.


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