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Bursitis revelations - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Bursitis revelations
Fingers hurting, most of my joints hurting too. Not spoken to my sister since the day of the funeral. Unable to contact her. Only today learned she is still in NJ with an attack of bursitis since about the day of the funeral. Today I read on LJ that only about a week ago turtleduck had bursitis as well. Is this contagious? Is this why my neck and fingers hurt so bad? Or do we all have something else simply diagnosed currently as bursitis?

Contacting my sister is nearly impossible because my idiot cousin insists on keep ing the only internet accessible computer in the ATTIC and so my sister has been unable to access her mail. Also she’s kept in a room without a phone and these people are so backward that they only have one caller ID box, so even if she had a phone she would not answer it because she would be unable to figure out who it was from. I could try calling her on her cell phone but my sister is one of these people who only turns on her cell phone to originate calls. I bet she did not even bring her charger base and no doubt she is leaving the phone off to conserve its battery.

In case anyone is wondering, I knew this would be a long one, and so I authored this in a real word processor and pasted it into LJ
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