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LJ interests meme - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
LJ interests meme
This is sort of long so I'm being nice and placing it behind a cut. But it really is both funny and informative so you should open it.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bdsm:
    My experience is very limited and fairly vanilla by the experience of serious BDSMers. I'm certainly not a lifestyler but I am creative and I like to make my own "toys" so the results can be "entertaining".
  2. cooking:
    Again as with BDSM, I'm not gourmet chef. I learn to make the foods I like most and often cook just the same recipe over and over for months until I hammer out a recipe I could perform in my sleep.
  3. french fries:
    Isn't that part of cooking? Yes I make french fries. What? You don't?
  4. humor:
    Ha Ha Ha. I'm a punster
  5. littermaid:
    I'm on my fourth I think now. The don't last forever but fortunately it appears the company continues to improve the self scooping cat litter tray. My "interest" in it regards an improvement of sorts I made; a sort of house for it that expands its capacity so that with one cat I can empty it just four times a year and neither I nor my cat can smell any odor from it, even when she's using it thanks to a continuous ventilation system.
  6. movies:
    I should probably delete this interest. I like movies but these days I never seem to have time for any. If you care to drag me to the movies I probably won't bite... unless you want me to bite. See item 1.
  7. pinacoladas:
    Well I do like pina coladas, but if you look at my interests you'll also find the interest "caught in the rain". See item 4.
  8. sca:
    That stands for the "Student Christian Association"... yeah right. See item 4 again.
  9. stargate:
    That's a popular TV series currently still in production on the Sci Fi channel after 9 years. Now with a really great spinoff series called "Stargate Atlantis" It produces two full hours of amusement each week which is probably why I don't seem to have time to watch movies.
  10. writing:
    When I think of writing, I think of holding a pen to paper, which I only do when using a credit card. What I call writing is really "creative writing" and that is most often represented in my LJ these days and is usually either humorous or ranty, and often both.

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