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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
It's a Bird! It's a Plane!
It's... two planes held together with packing tape! [photos taken but not uploaded, maybe later]

Silly project of the week. Believe it or not I managed to (literally) "throw together" and fly an impromptu Radio Control plane with a wingspan of 54" costing me about $32 total, including packing tape. :-)

31" wingspan RC mini plane

Taped atop controlling and powering this 54" wingspan hand-thrown glider called the "Air Stream-X"

Harbor Freight is selling the smaller 2 channel yellow rechargeable electric RC plane for only $30 on sale, see flyer and ad.


The larger styrofoam plane I've taped it to is made by www.lifelikeproducts.com and it is sold as a hand thrown glider. The product is listed here, http://www.lifoam.com/gliders.htm

I don't know what the toy gliders actually sell for. Mine was given to me by livingthebreeze who said she picked up three of them Baltimore where they were being given away as salvage following a fire at a factory there. It really looks like something you'd see in a dollar store but maybe I am underestimating it?

The two are well matched in that neither were really made to fly very well or very long but the rear facing propellers on the smaller unit are more likely to survive a few crashes.

In flying it for the first time on Wednesday I was really amazed at just how much it did not want to crash. It was slow and graceful, and required some skill to keep it aloft and away from hazards. On the one occasion I struck a sign poll near where I parked my car, it twirled gracefully to the ground primarily unharmed.

Assembly was simple and required almost no thought or skill. If you try this and after taping them together you have some doubts... you aren't alone. I set the thing up throwing it in my back yard before having the nerve to even apply power. It seems to me the CG is a bit forward but with the two wings that can be sort of hard to gauge.

I've since bought another RC plane on sale just because I'm so impressed with them that having two battery packs and some spare parts makes sense to me. I'm tempted to get fancy and actually take apart one of the yellow planes and merge it more gracefully into a styropfoam plane, thereby greatly reducing weight as well, but there's that saying if it aint broke.. and right now it is pleasantly modular.
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