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Health Recipes & Lead poisoning WRT Attention Deficit Disorder - One person's lack of compassion does not equal another's comfort.
One person's lack of comprehension does not equal another's consent.
Health Recipes & Lead poisoning WRT Attention Deficit Disorder
A friend and I have been discussing ADD recently and so when I accidentally came across a web page describing the effects of heavy metals on the brain while researching certain observations of Benjamin Franklin regarding health, I decided to see if any of it is reversible. At present I don't know if removing lead from our bodies will simply reduce further damage or reverse some of its ill effects but after reading this article I'm ready to believe that not only am I and most of my friends at high risk from lead given the era we grew up in but moreso for most of my friend including myself got into electronics and were much more exposed to lead from soldering than most of those of our generation were from lead in gasolines.

For these reasons I am taking this article on how to remove lead from our bodies quite seriously and am even considering altering certain dietary plans I was working on toward attempting to make use of what dietary means will accomplish this. While most people are seemingly more concerned with heart-health and removing cholesterol, I'm thinking it wont make much difference if my heart is in great shape if I've already lost my mind.

How to Get The Lead Out of Your Body (from http://www.fi.edu/brain/metals.htm)
(The word chelation comes from the Greek word chele meaning talon, claw or pincer). The idea behind chelation therapy is for certain molecules grab and bond with metal ions and have both excreted from the body through urine. The grabbing, bonding molecules are called chelating agents.

The primary means for mobilizing lead and other heavy metals from the body is oral or intravenous chelation therapy - done under the supervision of a trained wholistic physician - according to Dr. Walter J. Crinnion, a naturopathic physician in Bellevue, Washington.

Since 1987 he has operated a comprehensive cleansing protocol and has also found that "diets high in the pectins and foods high in sulfur containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine) such as onions, garlic and beans can help. Sweating also helps to some extent.

As many of you already know, my Korma recipes are signficantly made from Onion and somewhat less from Garlic. Recently I discovered I could greatly stretch the recipe while improving the flavor and health aspects simply by adding common frozen peas, in a quantity equal to about half the mass of the korma it was being added to. I have not tried adding beans, but if it will save my brain I think it is a worthwhile experiment. I've already consider adding chopped apples late in the process of the recipe and reading that this might be useful to brain health I'm even more interested to try it.

I think it is because I've been somewhat ADD since my youth that I've never seriously looked at the causes, nor had a reason to think about my consumption of onions or garlic in my diet except slightly during a time in the 90's when there was discussion of how those with diets high in these seemed to at statistically lower risk for heart problems. At this point I think it is safe to say that at the very least it would be unwise to change my diet very greatly but merely to continue to develope it in mostly the same direction as it is already going with the possibly additions of increased beans or apples.

I have been meaning to offer my later Korma recipies online for some time now and though I have often mentioned it, I have not yet done so. Hopefully I will do so soon, having recently further changed and improved the recipe in its yet finest incarnation, version 15.
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From: arctafire Date: June 27th, 2005 07:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
Garbonzo beans rock in Indian food, as do peas.

And sweat lodge is sounding better and better, except for today. Ick!
dcseain From: dcseain Date: June 27th, 2005 07:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
We live in a sweat lodge for several months a year, which is why cold showers are so refreshing on returning home. Make Summer in the South into a perpetual Finnish sauna! :)
fixx From: fixx Date: June 27th, 2005 08:14 pm (UTC) (Link)

Good point and this reinforces a theory of mine

I have long theorize that regardless of the high cost of medicine and health insurance there may be an influence toward income and health being inversely proportional.

I've often noticed that my health seemed to be at its worst when living with my mother who kept the house really cold in summer, and for that matter a lot of people claim to be "allergic to air conditioning"

What then about winter? Hot dry air causes you to sweat in winter supposedly good for you, and yet my energy levels appear HIGHER when the house is colder. I've suggested more than once that minimal heat in winter was a cheap form of exercise and beneficial to weight loss becuase shivering consumes calories, but you'd also assume that shivering consumes energy. Maybe the solution is that shivering is also a cheap form of heart healthy exercise.

My point, if I have one, would be that rich people who spend lots of money to keep their homes a totally comfortable temperature winter and summer may not be doing as much for themselves as those who cannot afford to do so, even if they would wish to.
dcseain From: dcseain Date: June 27th, 2005 08:26 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Good point and this reinforces a theory of mine

I keep my house at ~60F in the winter. I figure that generations of my ancestors survived with a single fire in a single room in well-below-freezing temperatures. And thats why they make sweaters.

In the summer, i keep it at 70-73F, depending on how i feel. I turn it off when it's the least bit nice, though. And changing filters often helps, regardless of the season in terms of air quality. I grew up to age 16 without air conditioning. All those years of being stuck to my sheets at night does not leave me fond of high humidity and sleeping. :)
keith_m043 From: keith_m043 Date: June 27th, 2005 09:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
I remember reading an article 15-20 yrs ago (sometime before lead gas was completely illegal). It said that the body's way of dealing with lead was to deposit it in the bones, that in the average person about 1/3rd of the bones' capacity to store excess lead was used up, and that adults didn't really have much of a problem with lead so long as that capacity wasn't exceeded. Since that article's vintage is now 20 yrs out of date, I suspect that it was half true and maybe half propaganda. this page suggests that the lead storage part may be mostly true. In any case it seems to have a lot of relevant data with which to help you plan your detoxification strategy.
fixx From: fixx Date: June 27th, 2005 09:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

that makes sense

I have read that mercury throw up into a mist by the oceans is inhaled by those living near the seashore and it is stored in the bones where it is leached back out in later life by osteoporosis when it does the most damage. It would seem to me then that simply taking calcium throughout our lives may do us the most good.

The detoxifying is mostly to remove it from our brains as lead crosses the blood brain barrier and it stands to reason that if it can travel in one direction it can travel in the other as well.
fixx From: fixx Date: June 27th, 2005 10:52 pm (UTC) (Link)

As I don't have an email address for you...

here is a copy of what I just sent to diana:
This company has the net lowest price on what is essentially the correct fuse after shipping


(select 12 amp from the drop down menu before adding to cart)

That fuse does not have pigtail leads. You have the choice of then soldering leads on or installing a fuse holder. I will provide one of two styles which will hold this fuse depending on the preferences of the installer and the available space on the board, or you can probably buy such a holder at radio shack, just be sure to pick out one with a sufficient current rating.

If you wish to pay more and don't care to have a socketed fuse (I would go with a socketed fuse as a matter of preference), then you may wish to order the correct pigtail fuse in a five pack costing a total of about $20 after shipping.


keith_m043 From: keith_m043 Date: June 27th, 2005 11:39 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: As I don't have an email address for you...

thanks for the info. I'm going to try baynesville tomorrow cuz of the immediacy factor, but failing that I'll use your info. I am informed that attempting to solder on leads to a fuse will almost certainly destroy the element (or cause it to detatch from one of the endcaps). Radio Snack doesn't have PC mount style fuse holders (just the inline wire ones and ones with loops on either side to solder to).
fixx From: fixx Date: June 28th, 2005 02:27 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: As I don't have an email address for you...

If you have not clipped or desoldered the original fuse there is another solution. I have these "S-Hook" style add un fuse holder clips that connect a dead pigtail fuse to a replacement cartridge fuse. I'm not a big fan of them for environments in which there is much vibration (such as a washing machine), but they might be just what you need.

Personally I am not intimidated by soldering directly to fuses. I've been doing so with a 100% success rate since I was 12 and I've never had a problem but that might be because I have been doing delicate electronic soldering most of that time and as a result I may have been using just barely enought heat to melt the solder, and that may have been what saved the element within.

As for Radio Snack's fuse holders, you can buy the PC board mount style in a 10 pack from MCM Electronics online for about a dollar but I never have, in part because the kind with the loops you speak of are so much more versatile. Almost anytime you'd ever even want to replace a pigtail fuse there usually is not room for a PC Board mount holder anyway but with loops you can mount the holder wherever there is room and just run wires of sufficient gauge.
amazon_42 From: amazon_42 Date: June 27th, 2005 10:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
Dude, it's been 90+ degrees and 456 % humidity here for five solid damn days, and I'm in a house with NO AC. I'm sweating enough to get rid of any amount of lead, I figure, never mind two weeks of Pennsic coming up.

Been wanting to get rid of the old amalgum fillings a long time though. Too much various gack. Maybe I'll get up the nerve to see the dentist soon.
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